Under the Radar: Legends of the Shadow Clan #1

Happy Saturday All!

Welcome to a new weekly title I’ll be running on Ravingnerd. While I love comics of all publishing backgrounds, I hold non DC/Marvel titles near and dear to my heart as I feel like I’m searching for a diamond in a rock every time I open one. Some will not be worth following, while others become some of my favorite pull titles. This first post will be on Legends of the Shadow Clan:

This title piqued my interest when I saw the cover and summary. Launched by Aspen Comics, this was exactly what you want from a #1. It not only introduced the characters, but also set up a great premise and leaves you waiting for #2.


– As stated, great set up issue.

– Beautifully blends together two stories that will obviously cross paths in the near future

– For such a small publishing company, the art is great. The entire comic has the look and feel of something that would be published by Image Comics.


– I feel that if the story that was told was shortened a bit, and they added a few pages to the book, it could have sped up the “set up” issue and gotten started into the actual story. Not necessarily a bad thing, but if I had to say anything was wrong, it was this.


8 out of 10

I’ll definitely be picking up issue #2, and will keep going from there. I look forward to the rest of the Aspen Comics line that will be rolling out, as I’ll be following multiple titles if they are close to the quality of LOTSC was.

Until next time,

Ghost Writer


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