The Most Adorable Thing You Will Ever See

While I had originally intended to do a slew of reviews over yesterday’s materials, today’s events changed things some. So instead I will discuss the most adorable thing you will ever see.

In place of a review for Ozymandias #5 I have instead decided to discuss something far more important…..


While it is still red in the Before Watchmen series, Bubastis gets an origan, Ozymandias finds some humor, and Jae Lee draws the most adorable thing ever.

In the big lead up to Ozymandias’ creation of the giant alien threat, he decides to combine the DNA “of the most vicious animals on the planet” and instead of a grotesque monster, we got to see Baby Bubastis. While only in the comic for three panels they are the most adorable three panels ever.

In the first, Ozymandias is shocked to discover a cute little kitten where a monster should be. In the next panel, Ozymandias is thinking and narrating about events while a baby Bubastis is lying on his shoulders as if he was a scarf. And finally, when Ozymandias prepares to make a trip out of town, Bubastis (not quite house trained) uses Ozymandias as a urinal. Aside from being utterly adorable, the way that Ozymandias treats him is even more adorable. Instantly becoming the creatures guardian, when instead he could have simply killed it. Which makes the tragedy of Bubastis’ death within the comic much more meaningful. And incredibly sad.

Bubastis allows us to see a side of Ozymandias readers thought long dead (in the events of #1). We see him care about something other than his mission or himself. We see him not only take care of this life, but tolerate and love it. Maybe I’m just a sucker for kittens though.

Well, sorry to be a bore. But I had to discuss it. It’s the most adorable thing ever. Take a look (at my super poor quality photo’s!)


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