Ravingnerd Reviews: Young Avengers

In an Avengers universe double feature (I just discussed Avengers #3) I’ll discuss my thoughts on Young Avengers. Now before going into it please know that I had no prior knowledge of the Young Avengers or any of their members. I had never been introduced to that side of Marvel, and for the longest time probably wouldn’t have cared. But for an unusually great Marvel price of 2.99 I thought it was worth a look. Here’s what I liked.

1. The set up. It didn’t feel like a comic. It felt more like a teen drama show. I was definitely surprised by this, but in a pleasant way.
2. The art was pretty great, it brought the characters to life and captured the motion of the series very gracefully.
3. There was plenty of humor, some of it snarky teen angst, and some of it Loki being a douche.
4. I instantly felt like I knew the characters. For whatever reason, I instantly liked majority of the characters I saw. I had no concept of who they were, but the first issue alone made me want to read as much of them as possible.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 8

I was honestly blown away by this comic. I had no idea what to expect from it, and it turned out to be one of the best things I read this week. While the plotting and conclusion of the first issue felt out of place, I was surprisingly unconcerned by it. The development all of the characters got with this introductory issue dazzled me. I didn’t feel I could complain about the plot, because I don’t care. That’s not what this comic is about. It’s about teenagers being teenagers. Which is honestly a pretty novel concept for a super hero book. I had no idea that Young Avengers was this far away from Teen Titans. They aren’t the discarded sidekicks of our favorite heroes. They are just super powered teens. Perhaps you all knew this already. Perhaps you are poking fun at my ignorance and calling me a moron. My past biases prevented me from experience anything on the Marvel side. And while I dislike majority of it, when a book like this can come along and change how I view comics and the Marvel Universe, it is a very special thing.

So Marvel, chock this up as a win. I know I’ll continue to come back for this comic every month, whether I can budged it or not.

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4 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Young Avengers

  1. Told you so!

    Gilleon and McKelvie are such a winning team. They did a book before this called “Phonogram” which was basically hipsters dancing, and it was magical. This feels a lot like that, just with 18 year old superheroes.

    If you didn’t catch it, Gilleon told us the song that Noh-Varr was jamming out to in the credits.

    Young Avengers is just pop fun, good call ravingnerd.

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