Ravingnerd Reviews: Avengers #3

The third issue of the series is always my threshold. It determines if I follow it, check up on it, or leave it be all together. The time has finally come as Hickman concludes his first arc on Marvel’s premier super-team. I’ve had mixed thoughts about it in the past, so I was definitely anticipating this comic. Here is what I liked:

1. The art is still spot on. It served the story, and the arc, really well.
2. Perhaps it is because they were already established, but there was no in fighting in the first arc. Perhaps that will come later, the group acting as a group was a pleasure to read.
3. It was funny at multiple points. Smasher had some witty dialogue, Captain Universe is literally crazy, and Spider-Man (seemingly Amazing, and not Superior) had some fun too.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 5

At the conclusion of the last issue, I gave it a very generous 6 on my rating. Avengers #3 served only as a further setback for the team. The dynamics I loved about the first issue have been all but absent, and the pacing has felt really weird. I love Hickman’s work, but this was one of the most disappointing conclusions to an arc I have ever read. With so much set up and thought given to the villains, only to be quickly and confusingly defeated in the third issue just felt off. This story could have been much better had it been paced better, and fleshed out better. These villains defeated the original Avengers in issue 1. Yet two issues, and seemingly 24 hours later, the expanded Avengers are able to kick the their asses. Why then weren’t these guys involved from the beginning then? And why would you not keep large numbers if they can solve all problems. I really enjoyed the dynamics of the confined Avengers team (which was just the movie cast), but all Hickman has done is undermine their authority within the Marvel universe. According to Hickman’s retelling, the original Avengers were outdated and useless. They need a large cast of characters to try to survive. Leaving one huge question. Why didn’t they keep their ranks this high in the first place?

I may check in on Avengers from time to time, but the solicitations for the future issues does not seem appealing in the least. Hickman had his chance to hook me into the flagship Marvel book, and lost me. At least I can still enjoy New Avengers.

Until the next time, let’s disassemble.



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