An Amazing…. Disappointment

Well it’s finally here. And after two days, I’d expect everyone who was going to read it has read it. Amazing Spider-Man #700 was teased as a drastic alteration to the Spider-Man mythos. An anniversary indeed deserves a good celebration, but this comic seems to take it over the top. Let’s look a little deeper into the comic itself.

While the story line is important, it is only a small portion of the book. In fact it isn’t even half of the book. Leaving people like myself feeling more than a little dissatisfied. Not to mention the status quo shift was…. meh at the least. Delivering on the story started in 698, the conclusions was hasty, poorly thought out, and felt more than a little like bull-shit. That being said, it certainly makes Superior Spider-Man more than a little intriguing. I also don’t read Spider-Man, thus this story didn’t really matter to me anyway.

However, one cannot ignore the gigantic price of 7.99. With such a small main title story, it should have been helped by strong back ups. Instead it was followed up by a weak and confusing story, and another seemingly kid friendly story that I couldn’t enjoy at all. Then we got what could have been the highlight of the comic, a cover gallery of the covers for ever AMS issue ever. But they were all crammed into itty bitty portraits that no one could really see. I’d easily pay money for a book that was a cover gallery of all the issues, so this was certainly far from pleasing to me. Then we got in insufferable comment section in which everyone is asking Stan Lee questions. Stan Lee didn’t right the story. He may have created him 50 years ago, but hasn’t touched the character in a long, long time. The man is a legend, and seems to be a nice guy. But I can’t understand why they put nearly 6 pages of letters to Stan Lee in the back of this issue. I’d much rather see questions for Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, or anyone of the other recent Spider-Collaborators. It is under their helms that Spider-Man got to 700. And their ideas that lead to this major status quo shift. Marvel should try to focus on them, and not the past. Isn’t that what this comic was about anyway? Moving on and towards a new future? Sorry to say it, but Stan Lee isn’t the future of Spider-Man. The man did his part, now lets focus on someone else.

I know that I have devolved to a whiney bitch right now, but Amazing Spider-Man #700 was one of the biggest wastes of money and time I’ve ever read. The story was barely good enough to make an enjoyable 2.99 comic, but the glaring $8 cover price meant that this comic had better have been amazing, or even superior to other comics. Instead it fell quite short, even DCU Presents #0 with its 6.99 price justified itself more than this comic. Hell, that comic changed things around for multiple major characters. And did that all in the past to boot.

I will check out Superior Spider-Man. I was hoping Slott would go for broke with this issue, and he fell short. Not only that, the other features of the book are no where near enough to justify its extreme price. I am prepared to take a lot of crap for this, but come one. Was this issue really worth the money or the hype?

To clarify I’m not upset about the change (I could care less to what happens with most Marvel characters). Merely displeased with the massive price and the over all let down I felt after reading the comic.

Until the next time,



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