Death of the Fan? Part I

Greetings everyone! I have finished celebrating the holidays and am, for the most part, back in full. While I will not have enough time to fit in a review before I go slave away some more at work, I have been long wanting to make a post on how comics are slowly straying away fan service. Now I’m not talking about catering a comic to contain exactly what I fan wants. I’m talking about the industry not giving a damn about it’s consumers. Assuming (and correct, at least in my part) that we will mindlessly go along with whatever they say.

I have been behind in my reading material for quite some time now. Not having enough money, and Marvel shipping an unprecedented 27 titles made it all but impossible for me to read anything on my pull list. I had to buy only what I was going to review (I live to serve you all). Combined with my generous $20 time on monday and the gift certificate for my comic shop I got for Christmas, I had enough to buy the massive pile of comics that had been piling up in my subscription. I was thrilled that I would also be able to get a head on my pulls for the first time in nearly a month, allowing me to buy everything I needed and wanted from this week. Unfortunately I was unpleasantly surprised to see that DC published but 2 books this week. Three if you count the Before Watchmen title. That means DC didn’t publish countless books this week. Big books too, like Superman and Teen Titans. Both of which are involved in a major events.

So lets look at what we have. Today, less than 10 comics were released. Marvel published the much anticipated ASM 700 (more thoughts on that later) and Avenging Spider-Man 15.1. Respectable considering the hype, Marvel plays many games with their shipping. So the fact that Marvel changed things up to emphasize the major new Spider-quo, makes sense to a degree. The fact that DC is letting multiple titles go absent for an entire month, and behind the remainder of the New 52 is appalling. DC promised no late shipping, they also promised they wouldn’t publish comics more than once a month. This leaves them in a bind. As they purposefully made today “light” for an unexplained reason. Yes we get arguably the “important” titles like Justice League and Aquaman but why?

Whatever the reason, I’m sure they will make it completely clear soon. My problem is, why? Why play these games? I budget on a weekly basis. Marvel playing games last week, and DC playing games this week completely threw that off. I am now unsure if I will be able to pick up everything next week because I’m not sure what exactly comes out. It is tiresome to constantly be worried about buying the comics I want. My weekly paychecks generally always cover the previous weeks as I get paid on thursday. So while my normal pulls are not problem for me to buy, DC doing something relatively small like moving Justice League from it’s appointed week 3 to week 4 is crippling. DC did that twice in December. Doing that and moving Green Lantern two weeks down from it’s appointed week 1 to week 3 devastated me. Especially when Marvel published everything last week. So while I think Marvel was smarter to ship everything in one month, because at least then I was guaranteed to get everything.

Is it just me? Or is this truly an indicator that the industry is beyond us. They are after our money, and what’s a few lost fans as long as everyone else follows the plan? I will discuss more of the flaws the industry as time goes on, but for now I need to blow off some steam and get prepared to serve angry customers. Such a charming life I lead.

Until the next time,


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