Ravingnerd Reviews: Avengers #2

If you can recall I was quite pleased and surprised with the first issue of Hickman’s Avengers, I however also predicted a sharp decline in the book’s progress and enjoy-ability as the title rolled on. It was only upon reading it that I could determine if I was right or not. Here is what I liked about the issue.

1. There are quite a few humorous moments, most notably during the recruitment of Wolverine and Spider-Man.
2. Sunspot and Cannonball sign on just because it was Cap. That says a lot about the character, and his importance to the Marvel U. It is refreshing to see it play out.
3. The art is quite dazzeling. I found myself drawn into most of this issue just based on shear art. Opena scores big again.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 6 (and a generous one at that)

While this issue is being praised for it’s “inventive use of time”, it felt more like a waste of time to me. Most of the comic is either origin from the bad guys (a whole three pages of which we read in the last issue, word for word, panel for panel. I checked). Much of the recruitment seems unnecessary. Where did the Avengers go? Perhaps I don’t quite understand the dynamics of the team, but I wasn’t aware the Avengers had officially disbanded. I had thought they were off doing their own thing at the moment. Cap and Tony shouldn’t need a recruitment drive to pick up the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and others. They should already be members. Though it added humor, it tried to make it seem as if the Avengers had been away. And it certainly doesn’t feel like that. At least not to me. My other problem was the lack of explanation for some of the characters. Who the hell is Captain Universe, Hyperion, Smasher, or Manifold? I know I’m not the most in touch with the Marvel Universe, but I certainly have no idea who the hell these people are (other than Hyperion is just Superman). I will not complain about continuity, as I already have. This Spider-Man in this issue was Peter. Go to Newsarama and read their take on Marvel NOW continuity. I am not going to criticize it hear, it’s much too early for me to do that.

So While there was still a spark of life in this book, my predictions for this series are proving true so far. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Avengers #2

  1. Okay, maybe it’s because I got through two drinks while reading this…but I absolutely dug it. Hickman knows how to pace a book.

    Some neat things I’d point out would be the very neat usage of panel design in narrative craft. Check out the pages were we get back story. There are no panel borders and instead everything is this almost amorphous, fuzzy page of story telling. It lends the narrative this really cool sense of nostalgia and past.

    On top of that, Opena know how to keep “camera” angels interseting. Instead of just close ups on the faces involved in this issue (since its a very dialogue heavy issue) we get some shots drawn from low perspectives, high perspectives, etc, etc. I like an artist who can make a lot of talky talky feel dynamic.

    I though this was a definite improvement over last issue. Tension was high and that’s always a good thing in Avengers comics.

    • Then you’ll hate my Hulk review. I agree on that Opena did a dynamite job, but I had a hard time with this. I happened to be watching EMH at the time (dear God what am I becoming?!?) which was infinitely more interesting.

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