Ravingnerd Reviews: Masks #2

I was initially quite saddened that Alex Ross was not in fact doing the art for the entire series. I am also not quite sure why he wouldn’t. What else does he do? I mean he draws covers for Dynamite, but what else. Maybe I’m just being selfish, but I was quite disappointed. That being said, here is what I like.

1. It helped to set up the origin story for one of Dynamite’s future series’, meaning that series will be a direct tie in/spin off of Masks. Which isn’t a bad way to start a series.
2. The team members still have not fought each other. They truly serve justice, and justice alone. No super hero pissing matches here.
3. Though the team is set to expand, the characters are mostly separated  Meaning all of the characters will eventually coordinate, but not as fast as I feared. This gives us time to get invested in the core team of characters (Hornet, Kato, Shadow, and Spider).
4. They do a great job at distinguishing the difference between the characters. At the end of the day, they are all just guys with guns (Shadow excluded).

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 8

It was another fantastic issue. Aside from my disappointment over Alex Ross, this issue was solid. It helped to illuminate the set up for the story. As we see the core group of characters interact as two new group of characters form. We see Zorro and Quinn taking their first steps towards joining the fight, just as we see Miss Fury and Green Llama join the struggle. We also see Black Terror on the final page, so he’s already involved in the conflict in one way or another. I am quite fascinated to see if the any of the Project Superpowers themes show up within this comic. Their characters are being featured prominently, but I am wondering if Dynamite is going to build a universal continuity between that book and Masks. I highly doubt it, but I am interested to see how characters like Black Terror and Green Llama interact with each other in this story. I will also briefly comment about Dennis Calero’s art, which is quite impressive. Of course it is nothing close to Ross’ work, but what is? While Calero has some big shoes to fill in the coming issues, I am glad to see that they have entrusted the comic to a talented artist I haven’t had the pleasure of reading much of. So despite the shock over art switch, the comic is still solid, and easily one of the best team books on the shelf.

Where do you want the team to go, and how fast do you want the team to get there.

Additionally, you can vote for Masks as one of the best new comics of 2012 at my poll here, if you are really joining the series. While there make sure you take the time to vote for your other favorite titles as well.

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