Ravingnerd Reviews: Moloch #2

Moloch was supposed to be the filler comic used to stretch out the line. JMS did it on a whim, and whipped up a two parter for the legions of loyal fans to purchase and consume. This was the plan, however the first part was surprisingly stunning. So well done that I was looking forward to this issue. And then this issue happened. Here’s what I liked:

1. The art is compelling and drives the story. While I was originally not a huge fan of it, I am now.
2. The writing. The story. This issue. All of it is spot on. And stunning.
3. Moloch is Before Watchmen. This two parter could function as the sole sequel for Watchmen. It is that prolific. This issue is that prolific.

Rating before reading: 8
Rating after reading: Immeasurable. This comic is so much better than most tens I’ve read. This is spectacular.

If you know the Watchmen story, then this is a must not miss. While this issue can stand alone as a pinnacle to the series, the first issue was brilliantly done as well. This comic is a must read for everyone. Even if you have never read teh story, a limited movie knowledge would sell this story.

Until the next time, Amen.



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