Reboot: Nerdy Films I’d Like to See

Looking over my Longbox and seeing all the great and wonderful series’ and characters that fill it, it dawned on me that there is great untapped potential in many of these characters. As you know, I am quite controversially against most comic book movies. That being said, I think there is massive potential in quite a few comic book characters. Thus I have designed a post outlining my wishlist for nerdy movies.

Rocketeer- The last movie was, admittedly terrible. It just didn’t really do anything. A shame since it really isn’t that hard to do the character. Captain America proved that a super hero type flick could do fairly well on the big screen. And though I felt that Cap was a huge misfire, Rocketeer would be easier to do. There aren’t any super villains, just an unlikely hero fighting against Nazi spies. That’s all I’d really ask. Strong characterization drives the Rocketeer. A movie would be no different. Rather, it should be no different. And the Rocketeer thrives on being able to do whatever. There are no set events, and no set ways to tell the story. A boon for nerds and movie goers alike.

The Shadow- Yes, I will tell you know that most of this list is made up of pulp heroes. But only because they have the most untapped potential. So why not have a Shadow without Alec Baldwin, and why not have it set in the past. Does it have to be the 40’s? No, The Shadow transcends time. What if this time he’s fighting Soviet spies? Or debunking the Red Scare? The Shadow needs to oppose a force that is ideologically against the American Society. Let him run rampant against a foe so villainous, deadly force is needed. Pulp heroes are generally darker than most comic book characters, and the Shadow should be no different.

Green Hornet- There should be a serious take on this character. The bastard of a movie that came out recently was terrible. These are serious characters with a serious history to not only the pulp genre, but to comics as well. If you need some help, talk to Kevin Smith. He clearly has an idea or two.

Masks- Yep, it only has one issue. Yep, I’m a pulp hero junky. I acknowledge all of that. But Avengers worked. Why can’t we have a team up with all of these pulp heroes? Disney owns Rocketeer, but why couldn’t you build a pulp hero franchise akin to that of what Disney did with Marvel. I’d certainly pay money, but I may be the only one.

Daredevil- The one that exists was terrible. We could use a well done Daredevil film. He needs to be a bit edgier than the original movie, he makes his claim as one of the darker-underpowered heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Black Panther- C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see a Black Panther film? Cast Idris Elba as T’Challa, boom. You’ve got a movie millions would pay to see. Not to mention strong African American super heroes are limited to pretty much Nick Fury at this point.

Static Shock- Speaking of strong African American heroes, why not go for broke. My generation is certainly familiar with the character, with his recent appearance in Young Justice a new generation has a chance to fall in love with the character too. What better way to embrace/kickstart this than give him a film franchise?

My list could go on and on, but I have ranted for far too long. What would you like to see get a moive/movie series? Who would you cast as the characters?

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8 thoughts on “Reboot: Nerdy Films I’d Like to See

  1. A Hawkman movie could be pretty cool. And though we barely got more than a glimpse of him, The Operative from the Others in Aquaman was a complete badass.

  2. A teen titans movie made after justice league movie. roy harper is in arrow and wonder woman tv seires would have to starts and introduces wonder girl along with well known hero Robin(dick grayson) is already widly known (and could start a Robin tv seires) and maybe impulse and (please please) Blue Beetle

  3. Since Hollywood doesn’t seem to be afraid of long, multi-movie story arcs any more (in fact, it seems that’s what they’re actively looking for at this point) I would love to see a 8-10 movie series based on Y: The Last Man.

    As far as actual superheroes go, I don’t think there are any serious heroes that I feel I’m missing out on, but I would absolutely *love* a NEXTWave: Agents of H.A.T.E. movie.

      • I know! Hell, if they split the Hobbit into three parts, this story could easily be double that.
        Though, I wonder if Y might be more suited for a television show?

      • I’ve heard that, but I disagree. Walking Dead is probably the best example of comic-to-TV out there, it would probably be seen as the “guide”. That would be bad, in my opinion, since Walking Dead TV is too big a departure from Walking Dead Comic. It’s finally started to work well, but season 2 left a lot of us worried, I think.

        Y’s story is so well told, with a defined begging, middle, and end, that was planned from the start… A TV show wouldn’t follow it closely enough, so that the “Mystery” of what happened to all the men stayed intact.

        I guess if they handled it better than Lost was handled in the end, I’d be okay with it. Honestly, I’ll never know until it happens, movie or show.

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