Greatest Hits: March 2013

I always like to give my thoughts on the most recent solicits from DC. And though my posting has been sporadic, things may start settling down within my personal life now. That being said, continued well wishes would be much appreciated.

Now, back to point. March seems poised to really set things off for comics, not only will most of DC’s Fourth Wave be well underway, things seem to begin falling into place for the Looming Trinity War. 

10. Team 7 #6- Team 7 has managed to fall on my every list but February’s. Now it’s back again. While this title isn’t quite performing up to expectation, #6 seems poised to prove us wrong. Not only will the title flip between past and present, but we will begin to see the roots of the past blend with those of the future. A team member is set to die, and the inclusion of Caitlin Fairchild promises to make some major revelations as to why she is where she is now.

9. Stormwatch/Deathstroke #18- While both are dramatically different titles with seemingly nothing in common, the covers reveal something quite interesting. First off in Stormwatch, their newest member is Wildstorm’s Zealot. At the same time the Deathstroke cover shows him facing off against Warblade. While the plots focus on two different things, both feature members of the WildC.A.T.S quite prominently. It has been quite rumored that they will return in some capacity soon, and given the increasing importance of the Daemonites in the New 52 would heavily suggest so. These comics could serve as building blocks for a new team, as Stormwatch has already come into conflict with the Daemonites and Deathstroke is a prime candidate for the New 52 version of the team.

8. Justice League Dark #18/Constantine #1- Constantine has already been established as the New 52’s go to magician, now he seems poised to be the new king of the Dark line. Aside from it being a first issue written by Robert Venditti, the comic promises for seismic revelations about the DCU. One can only assume Trinity War. Justice League Dark seems set for an interesting conclusion as it will tie in with the first issue of Constantine. Additionally, it is worth noting that both JLD and Justice League are now synced. Both seem poised to start new arcs at the same time again come April, further hinting at the approach of Trinity War.

7. Batman #18/Green Arrow #18- Another unlikely pairing, but both are dealing with major fallout in each heroes perspective lives. Batman will seemingly finish coping with the Death of the Family fallout, while Ollie must remake himself after the events of his series. Harper Row is also poised to return, which could indicate a great many things. If Newsarama is correct and Damian is going to be the casualty of the New 52, will Harper take the mantle? And who is Komodo? Does he know Green Arrows secret identity? And what are his powers? Resolution and Revelations seems to be the key focus of both series’ come March.

6. Green Lantern #18- “The Shocking Fates of Hal and Sinestro”. Seriously? Again? While the cover shows both back in action again I am frightened by this issue., I went through a virtual emotional roller-coaster in August when the fates of Hal and Sinestro were teased for the first time. Now Geoff Johns has me in an emotional mess once again, waiting to find out what will happen with Sinestro. I could care less about Hal.

5. Action Comics #18- The first issue for the new team of Diggle/Daniel promises to keep Action established as the best of the Superman line. The cover prominently features Luthor, and most of the solicit involves him as well. Could this end up being a Luthor-centric series? We also must address the questions of how this will tie in with the rest of the DCU, the Superman line, and the story built upon before this team. It’s a must not miss comic.

4. Justice League #18- Throne of Atlantis has ended, and while Aquaman seems to stay focused on the fallout of the crossover, the Justice League is moving forward towards the GRID. Will Cyborg be the prominent character of this arc? Each arc so far has seemed to focus on one character in specific. Will this do the same? New members are being added, your thoughts?

3. Detective Comics #18- As I stated earlier this week in my first issue of “Top of the Shelf”, the story promised in Detective’s is a can’t miss for me. As Death of the Family is resolved the title shifts its focus back to the Emperor Penguin. He’s getting a backstory, and is billed as the new kingpin of Gotham. Will the promised confrontation between Bat’s and Penguin eliminate King’s biggest competitor? And could this lead to an impending crime war the likes of which the DCU has never seen?

2. Batman and Robin #18- As mentioned earlier, Newsarama has now shifted their prediction for the Death of the Family casualty to be Damian. If this proves true, where will the series go from here? Will Harper take the mantle? Will Alfred (the most predicted casualty) survive? What will this story focus on? So many questions, and still 2 and a half months to go until we can find out.

1. Batgirl #18- Given the news that broke early last sunday, this is the natural choice for the top of the list. #18 will be the first issue without Simone as writer while still continuing the story promised by Simone. How will the guest writer handle Simone’s story? How will the character feel without Simone? All of these are questions that will be answered only upon reading the Simone-less Batgirl.

What are your thoughts? What are you looking forward to from March? Let me know where your at with predictions for the Fifth Wave, for Trinity War, or for the Death of the Family conclusion.

Until the next time, 



4 thoughts on “Greatest Hits: March 2013

    • Personally, no. I could see them doing it, but given Morrison’s off doing his own thing in Batman Inc, they won’t take a character away from him. Though “Death of the Family” would certainly apply in Damian’s case, Alfred is the real family. And Snyder set up hints in issue #1.

      • Also Damian is supposed to die in the end of the batman inc’s run at issue 12

        also i would love to see a new Outsiders or Titans line

      • I would dislike that. Especially since Batman Inc fits curiously into continuity. Killing him off in his title seems like it would make more sense. But I’ll trust Morrison with anything.

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