Ravingnerd Reviews: Rorschach #3

As I made it clear in my review of Rorschach #2, Azzarello is writing for the trade. The this issue will make no sense unless you have just finished the second issue. Brian’s other series is having a hard time staying afloat midst stellar titles like Ozymandias and Minutemen. Rorschach should be fairly easy to sell, but it has had its fair share of troubles. Here’s what I liked about issue 3.

1. Lee Bermejo knows his stuff. His art is as spectacular as ever and is perfect for the world of this comic.
2. Rorschach gets a little more human, only to have it taken away from him.
3. Things start to intensify as we move to the books final chapter.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 7

While I am still quite bugged with the organization of the book, it is of decent quality. While no where near the level of Ozymandias, Minutemen, or even Silk Spectre, the title has definitely proven itself worth the read.

Until the next time,



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