Ravingnerd Reviews: Doctor Manhattan #3

To say I was looking forward to this was an understatement. The last two issues were surprisingly fabulous. Not the greatest, but bold and very involving. I couldn’t wait to see if this comic too could make a stab at one of the best Before Watchmen titles. Here’s what I liked about this issue.

1. We learn more about John. We learn about his father, we learn about his mother, we get a sense of real history with the character.
2. Adam Hughes’ art is stunning. He’s produced some great pieces of art in this series, but this issue goes over the top with good art.
3. Continuity. A common scene has presented itself in most every Before Watchmen book so far. So whether this is in Watchmen continuity or not, this is in continuity with every other Before Watchmen book.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 8

The only downfall with this issue is it’s a bit wordy. It gets to be quite complex when Doc begins to explain the phenomenon that has occurred in the series. While this is perfect for the character, it gets a little long towards the end. Despite this, it is a very solid issue, helping to solidify it as not only one of the best of the Before Watchmen brood, but one of the best things on the shelf. I mean c’mon, it’s JMS and Adam Hughes. It’s kinda hard to beat that.

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