Better Late than Never: Minutemen #5

To make the sting of last weeks terrible Comedian less, I had the fortune to read Minutemen #5. And it is just that. A fortune. Every issue of this comic brims with life, vigor, color, sorrow, happiness, characterization. Darwyn Cooke has done not only a thorough job with the plotting and the pace of the story, but his art as well. My first thought upon seeing it was “what a gorgeous cover” and indeed, while in the comic shop, I heard multiple people say the same thing.

1. In addition to the cover, each page of the comic comes to life with Cooke’s unique style of art.
2. The plotting takes yet another interesting turn as fact meets with fiction to create an intriguing mystery and somber story.
3. The series is racing towards its conclusion. A conclusion that could not only shatter all we thought about Hooded Justice, but shatter our perception of the entire series as a whole.

Rating before reading: 10
Rating after reading: 10

Just as I thought the series couldn’t get any more sorrowful, it did. The tale of Bluecoat was well done and quite emotional. Cooke’s use of Nite-Owl to frame the story only makes it worse. As he watches, one by one, his friends and comrades fall to pieces. He’s already lost so much, and this issue only makes us feel for him more. I have said it before, and will say it again. This is easily one of the best things on the shelf. If you haven’t been picking it up, you have been turning your back on a masterpiece.

Until the next time,



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