Better Late Than Never: Comedian #4

I have enjoyed much of what Brian Azzarello has written over the years. When it was announced that he would not only write Comedian but Rorschach as well, I was ecstatic. I eagerly anticipated the release of both. However, four issues into Comedian, and the series still has a massive uphill battle to make it worth my recommendation. But here is what I did like:

1. It showcases some of the darker parts of the Vietnam war.
2. It continues to insert Comedian into history.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 5

One step forward, two steps back. Just as this series seemed to come into its own, it loses ground at gets down right confusing. The comic never clearly explained whether JFK was actually in the airplane or if it was a hallucination. Though all logic points that it must have been, it never explained it, nor did Comedian act in the least surprised. The story wasn’t fluid, nor did it make much sense within the context of history or the story itself. A comic that should have been an easy one to nail, especially given the writers credibility, keeps managing to fall flat which is both sad and frustrating.

Until the next time,



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