Ravingnerd Reviews: Avengers #1

Bendis’ era on Avengers has come to an end (for a few months at least) letting super star writer Johnathan Hickman take the reigns. This comic was billed as one of Marvel’s three flagship titles, making it an irresistable purchase for even myself. I’ve already reviewed the other parts of NOW!’s trinity (review of All-New X-Men #3 coming soon).

I’ve been a big fan of Hickman for a long time, not only does he know how to write thrilling nuanced stories, he knows how to write huge world altering crises, the type which excites the inner 15-year-old-Marvel-junkie in me that escapes every so often. So needless to say I was more than a little curious at how this new era of Avengers would play out. Here is what I liked.

1. Jerome Opena’s art stole the show. I don’t recall reading him before, so this was quite refreshing.
2. It’s the movie team. While the plot guarantees this will change, it was nice to see the movie team somewhere other than the movie.
3. It’s fairly thrilling. Not sure just why, but it is. There is something about the way it’s written that makes your heart pound.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 7

This is a solid start, however I don’t expect it will get much better, at least not for me. Most of the characters shown in the final panel I’m unfamiliar with, and I play by DC rules. If the big 7 can’t do it then it’s likely that no one else will. I know that this is a foolish way to look at the comic, but part of what made this issue so fantastic was that it relied solely on the movie team. Opena’s art and Hickman’s plot serve the issue well, but only to a point. My interest in the issue peaks at the height of the rising action and begins to wane quite drastically as the issue proceeds. Despite this it was a solid first issue, and deserves at least a second look. I’m predicting the second issue will fall shorter, but I’ll never know until I find out.

Until the next time, Assemble at dawn.



2 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Avengers #1

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  2. Whoah. Ravingnerd liked a Marvel comic more than I did. I’m not sure how to feel about this. Completely agree, Opena killed it on this book. But I just found it a little lacking in cohesive narrative. I guess I’m not used to the “bigness” of Hickman’s storytelling, at least, not in superhero comics. It will be at least six issues into this before anyone even has a clue where it is going.

    So I suppose my opinion is completely antithetical to yours. I was disappointed with this first issue but expect more and more from each concurrent issue from here on out. We’ll see what actually transpires though.

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