Ravingnerd Reviews: All-New X-Men #3

All finished with my Avenger #1 review? Then welcome to my third review of the second part of Marvel’s trinity of titles. All-New X-Men blew me away with its first issue and made me believe that a Marvel title could be good enough for me to added it to my pull list, even as a twice a month book. Issue #2 seemed to dash these hopes, but always a fan boy, I insisted on buying the third if for no other reason to see Scott Summers do his thing. Here is what I liked about the issue:

1. Stuart Immonen is the real hero of this title, his art only seems to get better and better. The cover and the panels inside the comic with Scott’s powers going berserk are some of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen in a comic.
2. There is a new home base for the Extinction Team.
3. Being a Texas native, the scene at UT is perfectly done. It almost surprised me at how well pegged it was. Kudos Bendis, kudos.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 4

Though I had hoped for a dramatic upswing with the third issue, it proved to not be the case. Bendis set up a brilliant character and position for Scott in the first issue. He was a strong, capable, and enigmatic leader. Proving that he wouldn’t remain stagnant, he’d save the mutant race even if no one else would. Since then Bendis has done nothing but tear the character down, using the rest of the X-Men in issue #2 and going so far as to use Magneto in this issue. This issue stings worse than the last as it was the last thing I wanted to see. Rather than a team unified for a common goal, we see this team bickering just like the other one. We see Magneto telling Scott that it was him and not the Phoenix that did everything. To me it just screamed of editorial mandate. Marvel seems to want to make Scott the bad guy now. Perhaps this will change come Uncanny. As I would hop aboard that comic real fast if Scott is presented well. Sadly it doesn’t appear this comic is it. It’s just a preachy tirade blaming Scott for everything that happened.

Scott’s doing his best to move on. Marvel should too.

Until the next time, the mutant revolution is coming.



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