Ravingnerd Reviews: Ozymandias #4

Sorry that this post is so late, but I decided to skip coverage of this on Ravingnerd Presents! and instead conduct the post like normal.

It has to come as no surprise that this series is one of my absolute favorite things on the shelf. And not just mine, as soon as Emily got the chance she said “OOH!” and grabbed it and began reading it. The reason being the established quality the book has put forth. Len Wein’s writing is superb and Jae Lee’s art is sensational. Here is what I liked about this issue.

1. Ozymandias gets a heart.
2. The universe is built some more.
3. It ties in with Doctor Manhattan #2 quite nicely.
4. It builds relationships with him and the Kennedy’s.
5. Even the smartest man in the world couldn’t solve the mystery behind JFK’s assassination.

Rating before reading: 10
Rating after reading: 10

Damn, I did it again. This series just can’t stop flustering me with my power, and I feel like an obnoxious fan boy every time I write these reviews. Let me try to clarify just why this issue was great. The bulk of this issue is spent with Ozymandias interacting with history more than he ever has ever before. The result is the semblance of a cohesive narrative, as parts of Ozymandias #2, Comedian #1 and #2, Doctor Manhattan #2, and even the Minutemen run come swirling together. Ozymandias sets itself up as the cornerstone of the Before Watchmen universe, serving as contradiction to all those that say Before Watchmen is not canon. In addition to that, Ozymandias has always come off a bit like a douche. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of my favorite characters ever, but everyone can admit he has a huge chip on his shoulder. In this issue Len Wein gives him a touch of humanity. This leaves the reader wondering could all of this just be a facade?

Until the next time, call it Nostalgia.



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