Ravingnerd Reviews: Silk Spectre #4

Here it is, the first final issue of the Before Watchmen line, and I am honestly quite sad to see it go. The series blew me away with both content and quality, with Cooke redefining and invigorating the character as never see before, Conner delivered some of the best work of her life. It ended up being a masterful blende of creator and artist. Going into the series, I was only going to pick it up because of Amanda Conner’s art. However coming out of it, I’m so glad I read it, and thankful that I read it, rather than missing it completely (I almost skipped passed this entirely). Here is what I liked about the final issue:

1. Amanda Conner. I don’t need to say more.
2. The ruthlessness of the series’ villain.
3. Not only do we get to see Hollis, he’s drawn by Conner.
4. Seeing her perspective on the first meeting of the Crimebusters is one of the series’ highlights, and one of the best moments in Before Watchmen so far.

Rating before reading: 10
Rating after reading: 9

While this issue wasn’t quite as perfect as the last, it was a strong finish for an overwhelmingly strong series. This issue only falls flat with the conclusion, the falling action happens quite quickly and that takes away from not only the plot, but prevents you from really being able to enjoy the full scope of Conner’s brilliance. Despite this minor set back, this issue is well crafted and very well done.

The official Ravingnerd ranking’s for the series are as follows: 8, 8, 10, and 9. This means the series as a whole ends off on an 8.75, which I’ll round right up to a 9. This series is easily one of the best things on the shelf, and if you haven’t read it, get too it. And if you are one of those types, the trade will be out fairly soon.

Until the next time, still got some fight left in me.



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