Ravingnerd Reviews: Talon #2

Talon proved that it couldn’t quite meet expectation last month, making me less than excited for this issue. Despite this I was curious to see how it would perform this month as both Team 7 and Phantom Stranger faced a set back this month. Would Talon fit the same trend or take this chance to race ahead of the other two? Here’s what I liked:

1. The ending is surprisingly intriguing, making me want to read the next issue despite this issues poor start.
2. I enjoyed seeing the Court.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 6

This comic loses more ground than even I had thought. The issue might have been salvaged had March been on art this issue, but that isn’t the case. While this issues artist isn’t bad, the issue is hurt by the switch, especially so early in the run. I also still don’t like Calvin’s ally, this issue only furthers my theories that they will have a falling out and that he may end up being a villain. Finally, the Court seems to be operating in full force, even though last issue stated they were still licking their wounds. And though I enjoyed the ending I am disturbed at the implication. It seems as if James Tynion just editorially mandated a loop hole in the Court of Owls plot. One that goes so far as to hurt Snyder’s run. While Snyder is behind this, the thought that the Court had unused Talon’s definitely¬†hinders the conclusion to the original plot.

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