Ravingnerd Reviews: All-New X-Men #2

Well, if you forgot, All-New X-Men #1 blew me away like no Marvel has in a long time (until Indestructible Hulk #1 that is). Could the series really be this fantastic? I decided I needed to read the second issue to see if I could clarify my thoughts some more. Here’s what I liked.

1. The art is fantastic. Though I knew it would be, brilliant art always takes people aback. Or at least it always takes me aback.
2. The problem with Beast escalates, which is intriguing and slightly terrifying (even if New Avengers proves he’ll be fine).
3. The scene with Jean and Wolverine is surprisingly hilarious. And is the only bearable interpretation of Wolverine I’ve read in a while.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 5

I struggled to find positive things to say about this issue, however if you read my first review you will know most of my problems with this issue stem from the lack of main universe Scott Summers. Not only that, most of the comic is filled with preachy hate for him. As I have stated before, Scott deserves none of this hate, especially from the X-Men that should know him better. I dislike that nobody in the Marvel Universe (other than Cyclops’ team) seems to have any sense, and this comic does nothing but prove that everyone in the Marvel Universe is a dumbass.

What were your thoughts? As harsh and close minded as mine?

Until the next time, FUTURE!!!



3 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: All-New X-Men #2

  1. Well just got done reading it, and for the first time, I feel I have to disagree. I think this issue was a great setup issue to start the real action in the coming issues. On the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of Scott, and fundamentally disagree with the approach he is taking in preserving mutant-kind. That’s never the way Prof X would’ve had in mind for the team. So I guess because of my difference of opinion of him comes my disagreeance (if that’s a word) about there being too much Scott hate.

    • I look at it like this. Scott has always been the leader of the team, and had the reigns of leadership to the entire mutant race thrust upon him multiple times. Leading into AvX Scott was the leader of the mutant’s because Xavier quit. I can’t give Scott too much crap because Xavier got legs and was like “well, I’m out”. Wolverine isn’t a leader, furthermore he turned his back on his fellow mutants by not only joining the Avengers, but by siding with them as well. Magneto has too dark a past to redeem himself, and none of the other X-Men want to do anything but blame other people. If another viable leader for the mutant race was to show up, maybe I’d consider changing my feelings about Scott. However he did the best he could with what he had. And what he had was an ungrateful group of people who expected equality would come easy. Once Phoenix Force possessed Scott killed Xavier, rather than blaming the Phoenix Force they blamed him. They turned their backs on him the moment he needed them the most. So in my view, Scott is the leader that no one knows they have. He is, in fact, the only one doing anything about the mutant situation.

      I understand the point of ANXM is to point out how much Scott has changed over the course of time. I thought change was good. It shows maturity, growth, and intelligence. The other mutant’s should grow up. Let them walk a day in Scott’s shoes, feel the weight they thrust upon him. Maybe they won’t complain so much.

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