Ravingnerd Reviews: Masks #1

I would like to note that this is my very first review for Dynamite Entertainment content. I would also like to note that this is far from my last review over their content (especially with Mark Waid’s Green Hornet coming).

To point, I’ve known about Masks for quite a while now, and have been quite excited by it. By themselves, Both Chris Roberson and Alex Ross have created brilliant and iconic material. The level of work they could do together was unthinkable until now. For those of you unfamiliar with Masks, it is a team up comic of various pulp heroes. Which means my personal favorite Green Hornet will interact not just with loyal Kato, but with the likes of The Shadow, The Spider, and even Zorro.  Before I get ahead of myself, let me discuss what I liked.

1. Alex Ross. No explanation needed.
2. We get to see Chris Roberson tackle some of the most iconic heroes. Not just comic icon’s, but cultural icons.
3. It’s well paced, the plot is presented and impacted all within the course of the issue. Evidence of Roberson’s style and Ross’ ability to impact tone with visual representation.
4. We get to see all 4 of the major players in one form or another. It made me very happy.
5. This book is honestly like a dream come true for me.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

This is the best first issue of a team up I’ve ever read. For each hero having such a tremendously fleshed out backstory and character history, the characters come together and gel together rather quickly. As The Shadow said, these heroes serve a higher calling and as such there was no fighting amongst them. I was surprised when the first confrontation between Green Hornet and The Shadow didn’t result in a knockdown drag out fight. Of course they initially mistook each other for enemies, but that was resolved before any major conflict could form. This only makes The Shadow even more of a bad ass.

This comic is a reflection of all the problems the big two have. It shows that their method of team building is flawed, and does so with a team of characters older and more iconic than even Superman. So kudos to Roberson and Ross for making one Dynamite series.

That was funny right?

Come on, please tell me that was funny?



Until the next time, let’s dispense some justice.



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