Casting the Justice League: DC Clearly Needs Help

We are now on round two of rumors for the impending Justice League film, the latest rumor being that Joseph Gordon Levitt will play Batman.

I’ll let that just sink in.

Now back to subject. While I’m a big fan of JGL, I would be devastated if DC threw away casting on him, especially as Batman. Considering is major role in Rises, it would be weird to either cast him as the new Bruce Wayne or to have a Justice League movie without Bruce Wayne. Casting him in this roll would scream of desperation, and DC’s repeated willingness to bend over backwards for Christopher Nolan.

This being said, I have devised a list of people I wouldn’t mind seeing in the rolls of my icons.

Superman is an obvious no brainer. For better or worse (probably for worse) Man of Steel is coming. Additionally Snyder has mentioned that their will most likely be a tie in between the Man of Steel movie and the Justice League film, this makes it pretty much a guarantee that Cavill will star as Superman. Whether MoS is good or not, DC has invested in Cavill and this direction for Superman.

Batman is perhaps the hardest of the bunch to cast. We’ve had some great and terrible Bat-actors over the years, some have inspired a franchise, others have ended it. DC needs to not only cast a strong Batman, but must make it clear that this isn’t Christopher Nolan’s Batman. While this will disappoint all comicfans, most comic fans would rather not see that Batman in a Justice League movie anyway. While my suggestion is terrible, and should most likely be thrown out, I promised a suggestion for everyone. So here it goes: Colin Ferrell has continually proved that he can play diverse rolls (last year he was a scrawny moron boss in Horrible Bosses and then a ripped vampire in Fright Night). He can bring the muscle and the seriousness that Batman needs, and if needed can add some dark humor in there as well.

Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is perhaps the easiest to cast in my mind. However, in my mind Amazonians live on a tropical island and thus aren’t perfectly white. Enter Gina Torres. While most might scoff at the idea of having a toned WW, I think it would be the perfect choice. Especially when Torres has already proven that she can do the kickass female. Not to mention her voice acting as Wonder Woman means she is very familiar with the character. In my mind, it’s a win-win situation.

Green Lantern. While my thoughts on the movie are unwaveringly optimistic, I recognize that the movie was a mess and a commercial disaster. That being said, I don’t blame Ryan Reynolds for that fact. While I would be fine if he was cast as Green Lantern, I think DC needs to separate themselves from that film as much as possible. It’s already been suggested somewhere but I, like most nerds, would die if Nathan Fillion was cast as Green Lantern. He’s cocky, womanizing, and hilarious. All the perfect components of Hal. Not to mention he has proven himself to understand the character, as he made a fantastic performance in both Emerald Knights and JL Doom.

Flash. Flash is a little trickier. He’s the average joe of the group. While having super powers, he’s the most well grounded of the founding 7. Barry needs to be smart, witty, and lightly serious. He needs to be the everyman of the team. While I think Ryan Reynolds would have made the best Barry Allen, it’s probably safe to say that he won’t be involved with DC’s plans in the future. My next choice would be Bradley Cooper. A talented actor, who knows how to be serious and fun all at the same time.

Now we move on to the hard part of decision making process. While Aquaman is needed, he needs to be handled VERY delicately. And needs an actor that will bring in the fans. While I know he is dedicated to his work across the pond, Chris Hemsworth has the build and fan base that would launch Aquaman out of the depths of social satire. Other than that, I’m at a loss for an actor that could pull of Aquaman.

I also will state that I’m personally in favor of J’onn J’onzz as the seventh member. He is the heart of the Justice League, and lets face it, he’s a badass. While the alien should be CGI, the detective John Jones should be played by Idris Elba. Because he’s a badass (I also recognize his work across the pond may conflict).

If DC wanted to go the Cyborg route I’d go for the guy in the Blindside. I’m not ashamed to type cast him as a football player.

Well those are my thoughts on how to cast the Justice League movie. Who would you cast and why? What do you think of my choices? Let me know!

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24 thoughts on “Casting the Justice League: DC Clearly Needs Help

  1. Benjamin Mckenzie could play Aquaman, if you ask me.

    Also, I had to re-read the section you wrote on Batman about five times because I was 100% certain it said Colin “Firth” instead of “Farrell.”

    • Hahaha! It very well may have slipped my mind and I may have said Firth once instead of Farrell. Nice choice for Aquaman. Thoughts on the 7th member? Would you go J’onn, Cyborg, or a different member?

      • J’onn without a doubt. I just want to watch him gobble down Oreos on the big screen. Mr. Elba is a good choice for sure. I was going to say that Michael Clarke Duncan would make an interesting J’onn J’onzz, but I have just been informed that he passed away this September. So now I have to go feel stupid and be depressed about this.

  2. So I stole Idris for J’onzz. Doctore from Spartacus is my 2nd choice. Sawyer is my Aquaman. Cooper is my Batman a chance to see if he’s more than a funny man. Mehcad from Trueblood would play Cyborg if he was on roster. Even tho she turned down role I love Biel as Wonder Woman. And I chose Gosling as Flash first choice would’ve been Reynolds. Should attract girls if nothing else. Be gentle……

  3. This is some great stuff. I would love to be a fly on the wall in these casting meetings, not to mention the plotting & scripting meetings, but since I have a better chance of actually becoming Batman I will just throw out my theories here.

    First, the obvious choices – Cavill as Sperman & Reynolds as GL. I’m pretty optimistic about what Cavill will be able to do as Kal El, and despite all the problems with the GL movie I don’t believe Reynolds was one of them. That said, I actually think Reynolds would have been a better Flash, in which case I would have cast Bradley Cooper as GL, but none of that is happening so Reynolds returns as Jordan

    My first choice for Aquaman would he Kevin McKidd. Check out his work as Lucius Vorenus on the HBO show “Rome.” Total bad ass. His age could be an issue for future movies though, so it won’t happen, but he would be so good in that role.

    While Colin Farrell is an interesting choice for Batman, I like the idea of Armie Hammer. Take a look at some of the photos of him from “The Lone Rnger” and tell me you can’t see him in the cowl.

    Wonder Woman is a challenge as my first 2 choices – Lynn Collins from “John Carter” and Kate Beckinsale – are both too old. The biggest thing here is to cast someone who actually looks the part of an Amazon demigod princess. Nothing against Scarlett Johansson, but nothing about her physique says deadly assassin/spy. Find someone who looks like they could actually kick some ass, please.

    Something tells me that we will only see the big 5 in the first movie, that characters like Martian Manhunter and Cyborg will come later, so I won’t even attempt to make a guess at those actor choices. The most important thing to remember at this point is the JL movie is going to happen, and hopefully Warner Brothers has been taking notes about what works (Avengers, Dark Knight, Thor) and what doesn’t (Dare Devil, Spider-Man 3, Wolverine: Origins) when making a superhero movie. I’m optimistic & i

  4. So my phone had a meltdown as I was trying to finish my post. What I was trying to say was I’m optimistic and excited and this is a great time to be a comic geek.

    • I also see I forgot to include my support for Ryan Gosling as the Flash. He can easily play the compassion that Barry Allen has while bringing the physical presence necessary. That to me is the biggest slam dunk no-brainer of all of them.

  5. I would love to see JGL as Batman, although you may call me crazy.
    Also, have the Elongated Man instead of Aquaman(Wishful thinking!)

    • Ralph rather than Plastic Man even? You don’t think it’d undermine the importance of Batman on the team? Having two detectives? Would a super powered detective make Batman redundant?

  6. Great picks. My personal dream cast would be full of actors completely unknown to me. I really enjoy when my superheroes are played by people that I haven’t seen in anything before. I’d really like to see a lot of new faces, particularly if DC can’t do a bunch of tie-in movies first, like Marvel did, to get me adjusted to a particular actor in their super-role. That’s not to say that famous faces don’t ever work either, though.

    • I have to agree with you, a cast of relative no-ones has tremendous potential. I think people would see it just for the sake of “who the hell is that guy?” Plus you can do more and spend less.

  7. Clark Kent/superman-Henry Cavil
    Diana Prince/Wonder Woman-Gina Carano
    Bruce Wayne/the batman-Michael fassbender
    Barry Allen/The Flash-Ryan Goslin
    John Johnz/Martian Manhunter-Daniel Craig
    Hal Jordan/Green Lantern-Ryan Renolds
    Arthur Curry/Aquaman-Alexander S.

  8. Saw this one a little late…but I’m gonna throw my two cents in anyway…

    Henry Cavil as Superman –
    Like you said, there’s already been a heavy investment in casting him in MoS, and as long as he can meet the expectations – could be the front man of this franchise.

    Bradley Cooper as Flash (Barry Allen) –
    I think Cooper has the acting chops to pull of the ups and downs of Barry’s personality – If he has the same swagger and vulnerabilities that he had in Limitless, it would be a perfect match.

    Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman –
    I know, I know…but just as the failure of The Green Lantern movie wasn’t really Ryan Reynolds fault, the failure to launch the Wonder Woman show wasn’t really Adrianne’s fault either. I think under the right creative team and given the right direction, she could pull it off, not to mention if you put her alongside other really good actors, she’ll have to step up her game. I would like her a bit more muscular and toned though.

    Ryan Gossling as Aquaman –
    I would have never thought of this, but now I can’t stop.

    Tyler Perry as J’onn J’onzz OR Simon Baz –
    Yes he’s Mr. Funny Man, but after he just dropped a lot of weight to take on Alex Cross, he looks like he could really pull either off.
    He not only has the physical presence to be J’onn, but he also has the terrific baritone voice that would just elevate the inntelligance factor of the character. Him playing J’onn is my first choice. I say that he could also be considered as Simon Baz because, well…it’s a great way to blend the old with the new. Folks who aren’t familiar with these characters will flock to the comics and let’s face it…the New 52 in what they’ll all buy due to its easy starting places.

    As for Batman…I agree, leave him out of it. Give the world some downtime from Nolan’s epic trilogy and focus on the other characters that haven’t been touched on in quite a while (if not ever).
    If anything, give him a nod for a JLA sequel. Imagine it: you wait through the credits (because, let’s face it, movies like this ALWAYS have something cool after it’s all said and done) and you see Clark Kent at the Daily Planet sitting behind his desk enjoying a nice cup a joe when Lois comes bursting in with a hot new story…about a man dressed as…a BAT!
    Black out. Fans Scream. Sequel Guaranteed. You’re Welcome.

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