Ravingnerd Reviews: Indestructable Hulk #1

Do you remember the Avengers? Of course you do, it was the third biggest film of all time and had record-breaking DVD sales. Part of what made that movie so great was the surprising direction they took with Hulk. Rather than being a costly low, Hulk was a pitch perfect crowd pleaser doing nothing more than smash. The counter side to that was the level of bad ass that Joss made Bruce Banner into. Mark Waid now gets the chance to use his deft writing skills to attempt to bring the Hulk to that level in comic form. However, can even he do it? I’ll answer that after discussing what I liked.

1. Coulson. While never seen, he is an important character in the comic. It was fun to read, and is sure to make any film fan smile.
2. The eradication of polluted and diseased water is in S.H.I.E.L.D’s hands.
3. Banner is a bad ass.
4. Hulk. He smashes.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 9

This comic was pitch perfect. It took what the movie did and adopted it to comic book form. Bruce Banner in one day does more for real world science than Tony Stark or Reed Richards have done in their entire lifetimes (significantly exciting for those of us obsessed with smarties). The comic sets a bold direction for Hulk, while making Banner the focus of the story. While a simple shift, it is a shift that has only ever been done in the movie. In 5 pages, Waid changes the shape of the Hulk franchise. This brilliance only enhances the zeitgeist of a Banner centric story. This comic should be a must read for fans of the movie, fans of Marvel, and fans of the Hulk. As I had hoped, it is definitely worth a second look.

Until the next time, it’s incalculable.



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