Ravingnerd Presents! #10: The Name’s Nerd, Ravingnerd

We recorded this more than a week ago but do to issues with our provider we were forced to move to a different podcast service. We did not record this week as this post was so late. I apologize for the content, it discusses comics from more than a week ago, stuff you probably don’t care about now. Those interested in further following my podcast should subscribe at this location. We will work on transfering over the previous podcasts to our new provider.

Discussed in this issue!
Green Lantern
Earth 2
Animal Man
Swamp Thing

In addition to that, Adam and I nerd out over James Bond.
Skyfall, our favorite Bond, plus the best Bond films!


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About ravingnerd

I am the Ravingnerd. I rant, rave, and discuss all matter of nerdy things. I am the nerds nerd. In addition to this, I am also a Communication's Studies Major skilled in conducting fair and unbiased research. I plan on posting continually and always nerdy, so if you stop by once, and like an article, I advise you to check in again. You can also keep up with me on a daily feed on Twitter, by following Ravingnerd.

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