Ravingnerd Reviews: All-New X-Men #1

I wasn’t sure how I was going to take this comic. On one hand it’s an X-Men comic, which have always had a special place in my heart. On the other hand, it’s a bi-monthly Marvel tilte written by someone who’s only ever been great on Spider-Man. All-New X-Men is on odd ball, having both tremendously positive capabilities, and extremely unnattractive qualities. So here is what I liked.

1. Stuart Immonem’s art. Everyone knew it would be fabulous and it was.
2. New mutants, we get introduced to two of them.
3. Cyclops feels like Cyclops. After a horrible appearance in Uncanny Avengers #1, it is nice to see the Scott I know back in charge.
4. Hank’s opening monologue and the direction they are taking him. That would be something to read.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 7

This issue felt like classic X-Men. It contained so much I used to love about the X-Men when I was younger. The art is visually pleasing, but it’s the bold new direction Scott Summers is taking that really interests me.

That being said, I disliked the bickering among the “true X-Men”. The development that the characters had on the now late UA #1 was off then, and it is still off for half of the X-Men team. Even Beast, the most logical of the bunch goes off the reservation to try to help Scott. All of them harbor extreme dislike for Scott, and most of it is unfounded. Storm, Ice Man, Kitty, and Beast would also do crazy shit while being controlled by the Phoenix. We all know it. Except for them. Additionally, while I enjoyed this first issue, I am unsure of how much longer I will enjoy it. My fan boy mentality reguarding Scott fueled most of my thoughts on this issue, and I’ll have to wait until February to get my hands on his new series. Also, I can’t shell out twice a month for it. I’ll go ahead and pick #2 up, but I am unsure of how I’d make room for the title long term, nor am I convinced yet that I’d want too.

I felt I rambled on a bit. In the end, All-New X-Men earned the first positive rating of any Marvel NOW! title I’ve read so far, though what of that was fueled for my fan boy adoration of Scott and what of that was due to the issue itself isn’t clear yet.

Until the next time, Children of the Atom unite!


4 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: All-New X-Men #1

  1. Wibbley Wobbley, Timey Wimey,

    I’m afraid I’ll have to pick up the first couple issues of this book as well. I’ve tried to stay away from the main Marvel Universe, as it seems to be the most money draining line of comics. 3.99 twice a month sounds like chump change, but when you are following 4 or 5 series it definitely adds up. I’ll give this one a chance and will probably end up deciding between it and Superior Spidey for that Marvel slot.

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