Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen- Moloch #1

I promised you all a Moloch review quite a while ago. Now that I have internet access and a small amount of time, I thought it was necessary to fulfill my promises. That being said, I have seen Skyfall, and will give you an extensive review. Could be out tomorrow, but more likely it will be out monday (I am seeing it again tomorrow).

Moloch was announced only a few months ago, but was shipped rather handily. Moloch was a series I had wanted ever since the announcement of Before Watchmen, and my early complaint was that it focused mostly on the known point of view characters. Moloch not only breaks that trend, but does it with the deft pen of JMS. Here is what I liked about Moloch #1

1. It exists. Probably not a great way to start a review, but it’s a story that needs to be told.
2. He’s a redeemable guy. The issue is mostly flashbacks, thus the apologetic Moloch is narrating some of his nastier deeds.
3. The dude is dark. The perfect villain for the Watchmen universe.
4. It’s entirely character driven. The comic focused solely on his journey.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

While I had problems with the art at times, specifically the way Moloch was drawn, the comic blew me away. JMS delivered a powerful script that feels like it was ripped straight from Alan Moore’s idea book. The story has never been told, emphasised, or explained. Now one a mere plot feature of the Watchmen series has depth, character, and a purpose.

Until the next time, do you see anything?



3 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen- Moloch #1

  1. Last week I went to a comics convention. While I was doing the line at the DC stand, I saw Before Watchmen: The Minutemen # 1 on the shelf near to the cash desk, so I picked it up and gave it a look. I was so lucky to bump into it: it had an old fashioned style that immediately talked to my heart.
    At that stand I also bought the Swamp Thing TP, because I had read only good things about it. This week I read it: it’s so wonderful, I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Yes, I had read a lot of enthusiastic reviews, but they never persuaded me to buy it before, because I was thinking “It’s a fantasy comic book, it’s set in a marshland, how could I enjoy something like this? That’s not my cup of tea, it would be a waste of money.” How stupid I was. It’s true, I don’t usually read things like this, but Swamp Thing is a real gem.
    Also, I was lucky to read it as a TP. Each issue is so strictly linked to each other that you have to read them in a single session, to understand the plot properly.

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