The Fourth Wave of America

As most of you know, two thirds of DC’s 4th wave were revealed today. Previously we had 3 unannounced mystery titles, and now we have just one. The most surprising aspect of the reveals was that they both had direct ties to the new JLA (also launching in february).

Katana #1 will be written by Catwoman Scribe Ann Nocenti and will spin directly off of Birds of Prey. Whether this means she is leaving the team for good has yet to be seen, but it could be very likely given her new stint on JLA. The Katana solo series will be set in Japan as we not only learn more about the character but as we watch her gain a rogues gallery and confront her past.

Vibe #1 was the most shocking and easily the most unattractive teaser to come out of DC in quite a while. Like Katana, VIbe’s series will tie directly in as Paco’s life is turned upside down when his powers become apparent to the government. It appears that Detroit will serve as America’s Cardiff in a Doctor Who style spacial rift. Vibe’s unique set of powers allows him to sense the activity of the rift when no one else can. This comic will be helmed by the creator of Arrow.

Finally news more along the piss-your-pants-out-of-excitement came out. Ann Nocenti will be leaving Green Arrow. So that Jeff Lemire can hop on board with art from Andrea Sorentino. Lemire promised a return to classic GA believing that this would help bring back disillusioned fans back to the character.

We all knew JLA was going to be important, but who knew it would be this important. Will the last title also tie in with JLA or do you expect something else is in the works?

Until the next time, RAO BE PRAISED Lemire is on GA.



3 thoughts on “The Fourth Wave of America

  1. A Japanese setting? I’m sold!
    You gave me a so good news, telling me that Lemire will write Green Arrow. This is exactly what the character needed: a good writer recreating him from head to toe, and giving us back the old Oliver we used to love.
    I complained about the New 52 version of Green Arrow on every blog I could find, and all the other fans of the character were unsatisfied as well, so I knew that DC couldn’t ignore us forever, and was going to making him mature once again.
    Also, notice that Lemire will go on working with a penciller having a creepy style: after Foreman and Pugh, we’ll see him teaming up with Sorrentino. This is a good thing, because creepy art perfectly ties with his delightfully weird style of writing.
    I hope Lemire won’t leave Animal Man, because no one could write it as well as him. The relationship between Animal Man and Lemire is like the one between Johns and Aquaman: when the writer leaves the series, it will never be the same.

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