Let’s Get Digital, Digital

Kudos to you if you caught the reference. Before I begin today’s topic, I must inform you all that it is unlikely that you will hear from me for a few days. I never intend to have a silent day, but given the change in my personal life, I expect to be incapacitated for a few days.

Moving right along, I have been meaning to discuss digital comics for a while now. And so many things made today the perfect day to discuss it. As you know, DC launches has a fairly large line of digital first/only material. I have not only checked them out, but plan to outline them here for you. All of this digital content is available weekly for 99 cents. So let’s begin!

Batman: Arkham Unhinged is the first digital first comic I was aware of. It’s also been running the longest. Arkham Unhinged is a comic set within the same universe as Asylum and City. This comic is not only perfect for those who want to dive deeper into this universe but for those who want something they can relate too. The setting is can easily appeal to anyone unfamiliar with the New 52, instead feeling like it’s straight out of Batman the Animated Series. This comic often feels nostalgic, while still being thrilling and quite entertaining.

Smallville: Season 11 still seems to be the dominant player for DC’s digital content. The readership is quite high and quite vocally pleased with the story. As has been done with Buffy or Angel, Smallville: Season 11 is the direct continuation of the television series, this time in comic form. This being said, the comic can do much more than the show can, featuring this universes version of Batman just recently. Though this led to some controversy, Season 11 continues to make edgy and interesting choices with familiar characters unseen in the television show.

The Beyond Universe is probably my favorite concept in DC’s Digital arsenal. The Beyond universe is told in the form of three digital comics, Batman Beyond, Superman Beyond, and Justice League Beyond. DC will rotate every week or so which one of these titles comes out, making it more affordable to follow a specific series. The Beyond Universe is literally the direct continuation of both the Batman Beyond time line and the future time line established in Justice League Unlimited. This title is the most nostalgic, and offers a sense of closure to the universe lost after the New 52 was established. My only real complaint is the lack of Static.

Ame-Comi is one of the newest addition to the line, creating a unique universe based off the DC collectibles designs of the same name. Don’t let the imagery fool you, while the heroines are fairly provocative, the titles are gold. The characters are well developed, often making remarks about their own state of undress. Multiple characters have their own 3 issue story before them and more form an all female super hero team. The creative minds behind it are on par, and done quite well.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight is perhaps the best done of the digital comics. This features random stories that don’t seem to conflict with any Universe. They are just involving stories involving Batman. Plus we get not only big name creators but newer creators rotating on the title as well. For example, Jeff Lemire recently worked on an issue (who wouldn’t jump on that?) while relatively unheard of talent like artist Jason Masters get’s a chance to not only strut his stuff for DC, but to helm DC’s biggest character. Now that’s what I call a great idea.

Arrow is the latest addition to the line, and being only two issues in it’s hard to tell how the comic will go down. I will follow for the time being, but I know that it might change in quality, tone, or style in an instant.

Do you follow any of DC’s digital content? If so, let me know, I’d be more than fascinated to hear what you have to say about DC’s digital world.

Until the next time,



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