Poll the Nerds! New Star Wars?

Well I will have a follow up post with my thoughts, but I thought I’d first try to gather your thoughts on this. If they don’t fit within my choices, leave a comment with your specific thoughts!


9 thoughts on “Poll the Nerds! New Star Wars?

    • Hahaha, I can understand that. I’m honestly indifferent about it. I am so far from being a hard core Star Wars fan anymore to really care. I’ll see the movies (really, who won’t) and I’ll decide then if I like the idea of more Star Wars or not. Until then, I’m just gonna continue to fume over Abrams Star Trek and Hobbit being a trilogy.

      • Why are you fuming over Abrams Star Trek? It was a hit that got the franchise back on it’s feet. Of course, I never cared for TOS so I didn’t have an allegiance to those characters. Regardless of that, it was a terrific action flick that brought new life to these characters. That said, I hope the next movie slows down just a bit to allow for deeper character moments.

        But we were talking about Star Wars weren’t we? I’m a Trekkie at heart but I do dig the Wars. I’m so happy that Lucas will no longer have anything to do with the franchise. I know Star Wars wouldn’t even exist without him but PREQUELS.

      • I am indifferent at new Star Wars. I’ll see the movies (we all will) and if I like ’em, I like ’em. And I am too a Trekkie, many of my earlier posts were themed after Star Trek. Abrams has a stranglehold over Star Trek. I’m a fan who wants to see what happens after the events of DS9 (and in a way Voyager, though they were off doing their own thing). Abrams has all but guaranteed that my dream of seeing what happens in current Star Trek continuity never happens. He’s been responsible for ending multiple television plots and other movie scripts. His contract makes him the sole creator of Star Trek at the moment. The new movie was neat, but I want new content. Not alternate universe takes on the old thing. The first felt nostalgic as hell, which was partly why it rocked. It’ll be hard for the second to have the same feel. So while I’m super excited for a new Star Trek film, I would love to see where Star Trek could Boldy Go more so.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean about wanting to see more of the original universe but TNG was driven into the ground with the last two horrifyingly bad movies and I feel that Voyager ran it’s course (pun?). I never got into DS9 for reasons I can’t even explain to myself honestly so I can’t speak to that. Ideally, I’d love to see a new Star Trek TV series in the original U and have the movies continue in the new timeline. Tho, I imagine if we see a new TV series again it’ll be based on the new stuff since it’s so popular at the moment. That said, there is a reason they kept the original U intact so there could always be a return. I mean, ya never know!

      • Also true. So while I’m fine watching rehashing of old material, I’d personally love to see something set in current Star Trek continuity.

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