DC’s Illuminati

A few days ago a Twitter follower, @Essexive, asked the question: “Who would you cast in DC’s version of the Illuminati? I have discussed previously that the Illuminati was one of my favorite Marvel concepts. So then, who would I cast in the DC Illuminati? And what would you call that team? Here’s my take:

My “Illuminati” will be a new incarnation of the Authority. The Authority was the premier super hero team in the Wildstorm universe, now that the Wildstorm has been integrated into the DC Universe as a whole we can use the team name.

The goal of Marvel’s Illuminati is a secret super hero government that deals with massive threats. Everyone on the team represents some important part of the universe as a whole, and this team will be no different.

I have proposed characters for the old DCU and the New 52, and they are listed accordingly.

Batman: Batman is the obvious choice, he’s in almost every other team anyway. The goal of the Authority is not to serve as a team, but to serve as a mediating body. One that predicts, coordinates responses too, and recovers from massive universal threats. Batman brings his knowledge to the table. He has the greatest arsenal of information in the DCU. He has tabs on heroes and villains alike, and keeps a level head.

J’onn J’onzz: Is another obvious choice, aside from his immense and useful set of powers, J’onn is familiar with more alien species than perhaps any other person in the DCU. This knowledge, as well as his experience as a Martian will allow the Authority a chance to predict and respond to extraterrestrial threats.

Hippolyta: The Amazonians and the Greek Pantheon play an important role in the DCU. The Authority will have to make universe altering decisions, meaning this contingency must be represented. Hippolyta is the natural choice over Wonder Woman due to her experiences, her leadership, and her strong connection to the Pantheon.

Mera: Aquaman can also be quite busy, given that Mera ruled all of Atlantis while Arthur was dead, it’s a no brainer that she represent the Atlanteans in the Authority. Her unique powerset, as well as her dedication to Aquaman, makes her a perfect and unique member of the team. Mera knows exactly how Arthur would respond, and is less easily persuaded.

Alan Scott: Is the natural leader of the team. The Alan Scott led Authority would only have been possible in the old DCU, the current incarnation of Alan not only lives in another universe, but also is too young and inexperienced to join the team. Old Alan is just that, he’s old. This guy’s been team leader since WWII, he knows what he’s doing. As demonstrated in Final Crisis, he knows how to keep his head, lead a large group of people, and inspire those who lose hope. His powers are great, but his leadership and wisdom is greater.

Guy Gardner/John Stewart: Alan’s New 52 replacement would be either of these characters. While none would serve as leader of the team, both can combine their knowledge of space with J’onn to essentially map out space bound threats. In addition to this, both know how to wage war on a universal scale.

Doctor Fate: In the old universe, this would have been a no brainer. He is the premier master magician, and easily one of the strongest forces in the DCU. Magic is an integral part fo the DCU, and it would need a strong representative capable of understanding all magical forces in the DCU, Doctor Fate was the go to guy in the old universe.

Madame Xanadu: She is the less obvious replacement for the New 52. While she may not be the most powerful, Xanadu has checks on the entire magical universe. The New 52 has only strengthened her presence in the magical community. Her powers would also serve a unique spot on the team. Madame Xanadu has also been around since the days of Demon Knights, taking the wisdom that old universe Alan had and multiplying it by ten.

Black Lightning: Black Lightning is the ultimate representative of the Meta Human population, and is the only member of the team who’s really had to work at being the person he is. While Black Lightning’s character hasn’t been fully developed yet in the New 52, the core of his personality appears to be in tact. If he’s an ounce the man he was in the old DCU than he’s the perfect meta human for the team. In addition to this, I propose that he be the official New 52 team leader. His opinion is clearer and less biased than all the others, he more than anyone on the Authority would understand what it’s like to be a normal man.

So that’s my proposal. Who would you suggest for the team? What would be the team name/function? Let me know!

Until the next time, I am your nerdy authority.



4 thoughts on “DC’s Illuminati

  1. I’d just like to say two things.

    One- I apologize for the lack of comments in the recent past, I’ve been a bit busy getting back to America.

    Two- I believe you may have a slight biased towards black lightning. I’ve seen him pop up time and time again in your posts.

    Also, this team would kick ass.

    • I do admit that I am a little biased for Black Lightning, that being said, I’m confident that he’s the only real option for a meta human representative on the team. Though I would accept another leader over him if someone made a strong case.

  2. Wow – I think it is completely awesome that a random conversation between my girlfriend and I about this topic (yes, Im a lucky man) and an out of the blue tweet has lead to this.
    So who were my picks?

    1) Batman (Bruce Wayne – duh)
    You pretty much summed it. The man knows everything and everyone in DCU and his compassion for all life makes him an ideal member.

    2) Madame Xanadu
    I will admit that I am a newb when it comes to the DCU as I jumped in during the New 52, but again I’ve seen her having eyes in all that’s been going on. With the most dangerous threat being The Phantom Stranger and mysterious Pandora, she will need to guide the others in the right direction.

    3) Green Lantern (Unknown)
    I think this woul be a perfect time to establish the militaristic methodology of the Corp by having one of their wisest and best Guarians appointed to this duty, whether they be know in the DCU or not.

    4) Swamp Thing
    As the Champion on the Green and the representative of all vegetation on Earth, I think having his voice heard is imperitive. I’m not sure what his connection to any Un-Earthly plant life would be, but I’m willing to bet not a lot would get done here on Earth without his knowledge.

    5/6: Aquaman & Martian Manhunter
    Couldn’t have said it better myself

    7) Lex Luthor
    Obviously this caused a lot of awkward glances and second guessing from anyone I mentioned this to. Its a long shot but the idea has me chimping at the bit to see LL in an anti-herp light.
    As far a pure understanding of how the world works, manipulation, business sense, and the knowledge that being human is what you make of it…Lex has no rival.
    He’s not crazy, He’s a genius and although others may not trust him I think that he’d be the blunt and honest asshole of the team.
    Plus as far as protecting the universe from outside threats goes…if anyone is gonna eff things up its gonna be him, but not until he’s in a place to do so which is right in the middle of this team.

    • You bring up an interesting point with Lex. While my version of the team would only be hindered by this man (all of the knowledge all of the good guys have at the hands of the worst bad guy), I debated heavily whether I should include Ra’s Al Guhl on the list. Though a villain of Luthor’s caliber, he’s generally pretty passive about things. I could see a scenario where he’d seek out the heroes for help. Also, I’m going to officially state John as the GL representative. Guy doesn’t have the leadership nor the discipline to be on this team.

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