Too Bond?

Now stop me if I’m wrong, but a certain secret agent has never had a huge (if any) presence in comic books. Sir Flemming’s novels not only caused him to pick up the “sir” title, but created the most famous spy in the movie universe. James Bond.

Given that this year’s Skyfall serves as the 50th anniversary for the film franchise, Bond seems almost perfectly poised for a come back. Not saying he was ever gone, but the Bond hiatus has certainly been a long enough to have fans lapse out. With the production studio now firmly afloat after some scary times the past 4 years, it seems Bond is definitely back. With the next installment of James Bond already in production (with Mr. Cumberbatch serving as the main villain) Bond is back for the long haul. But why just stop at movie domination?

A James Bond comic wouldn’t work so well for the big two, but would feel right at home with Image, IDW, or even Dark Horse. I understand the rights to the character would  be near impossible to get, but couldn’t a James Bond comic be absolute fun?

I have always wondered about how a Bond comic could be done. I’ve even written a few scripts (when I say a few, I mean well over a dozen). And following certain models, it could work very well. The over the top action and tech seems perfect for comic books, and the pacing could work well too.

I’m not even talking about introducing anything huge with continuity either. You could use the comics as between movie fillers. Lets have smaller arcs concentrated on other missions of our favorite spy. It doesn’t even have to connect with the movies, it could merely just serve as the in between missions. And because it’s between movie filler, it wouldn’t have to have a dedicated presence. A few short arcs here and there. You could fit two six issue arcs into a 2 year period if planned out well.

This is just one of the many ways a Bond comic could be pulled off well in my mind. Perhaps I live in a personal fantasy. And perhaps my anger in never being able to be Bond has made me determined to be a Bond writer. I can at least dream.

So yay or nay? Is a Bond comic a good idea, or am I being irrational and foolish? Sound off.

Until the next time. It’s nerd, Ravingnerd.



2 thoughts on “Too Bond?

    • Interesting. glad to see he’s had some presence in the medium, I’d be interested to see who still has the comic rights to the character (if anyone). Last company to have it looks like it was Dark Horse.

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