Ravingnerd Reviews: Talon #1

Talon ended up being surprisingly well done and well presented for the zero issue, which made me excited about its official first issue. All of the Third Wave titles not only interested me into checking them all out this month, but in fact, improved their quality. Before I get ahead of myself, here is what I liked from this issue:

1. It is essentially the continuation of the Court of Owls story arc.
2. Calvin Rose still isn’t an anti-hero.
3. Guillem March’s art is phenomenal. A definite selling point for the series as a whole.
4. We are introduced to a mysterious, potential ally.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 7

This comic did not improve in quality. Mostly because it moved in a completely different direction than the zero issue. I personally would have liked to see the zero issue pan out into the story. In the zero issue we see him with the remnants of a Talon suit and the finite weapons and resources he had. If the series had launched into that, showing him trying to escape from the court with just his skills, mind, and limited resources it would have been mind-blowing.

Instead the comic takes a different path. We see Calvin enticed to be a soldier, essentially setting out to finish the job that Batman started. His ally too was hurt by the Court, and convinces Calvin to seek revenge and retribution. This isn’t bad, and I believe could play out into a fabulous story. It just isn’t what I had expected nor what I had hoped. That being said, it was well paced, well written, masterfully drawn, and fits comfortably into the Batman universe. I will definitely check out issue 2, but as of now this sits as the weakest of the Third Wave in my mind.

Until the next time. Run.



5 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Talon #1

  1. “This comic did not improve in quality. Mostly because it moved in a completely different direction than the zero issue”: It’s not the first time that DC makes such a huge mistake. I’ll try to be more specific.
    The first 12 issues of Blue Beetle were all fantastic, and you know why? Because of the attention given to family, Mexican culture and mythology. Blue Beetle never showed just a superhero kicking a villain’s ass: there was always something more intriguing and instructive to read.
    And then, all of a sudden, DC decided to make Blue Beetle a space-opera-like series. No more family, no more Mexican culture, just aliens, planets and spaceships. This change of direction totally deprived Blue Beetle of all the things that made him special. It is probably the worst mistake DC has been making since the reboot started (along with Green Arrow’s rejuvenation).

    • DC has done that with quite a few titles. Fortunately it wasn’t as bad as what you described with Blue Beetle. We didn’t get very invested in the original story (just an issue). It was more of a shock and disappointment that it was changed. Hopefully once his series ends, BB will show up elsewhere and build up a good story once again.

  2. I didn’t look at this issue the same way you did, in terms of going in a different direction from the 0 issue. But after thinking about it I can absolutely see where you are coming from. The only thing I can think of is the events from the 0 issue were 7 years ago, and issue 1 picks things up today (I read something that implied the stories introduced in the 0 issues will be continued at some point, so perhaps we will get to see more of what you were looking for down the road). Regardless I really enjoyed it and I think it has a ton of potential. I agree with you on the artwork as well, top notch (the scene where Calvin plunges a dagger into the Talon’s skull and she continues talking – awesome). As for the rest of the third wave the only other title I’ve read is Team 7. Going in my expectations were higher for Team 7 than for Talon, but based on now 2 issues each I’m actually more excited about Talon, but I’ll keep reading both and see where they go.

    • Not to peddle series’ but Sword of Sorcery has proven to be worth the money for both the back up and the main feature. It’s art is stunning, and it’s actually a real fun story. I was least excited about it when all four were announced, but it is definitely the best of the bunch.

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