Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen-Minutemen #4

Well that was a bigger hiatus than I had intended of making. It was positive, however, in that it allowed me to summarize my thoughts a bit better for this comic. To begin with, this comic was heartbreaking. While we knew what would happen to these characters before this comic started, I was personally not ready for it. Darwyn Cooke’s characters have come to life in a way I never thought possible, and his title has been greater than anyone deserved. So before I get too ahead of myself, here is what I liked:

1. We learn more about what happened to Byron (Mothman), we also see his and Hollis’ friendship take off even further.
2. Silk Spectre is now a bad ass. Cooke not only made Laurie bad ass in her solo comic, but makes Sally’s explode into multiple dimensions.
3. We get some hints as to what made the Comedian the Comedian.
4. Hooded Justice’s character becomes even more mysterious, and more intriguing.

Rating before reading: 10
Rating after reading: 10

I’m not going to whine about this comic being perfect for a second issue in a row. It was spot on. Not only that, it revolutionizes not only Cooke’s work on Minutemen, but makes the orignal Watchmen that much more poignant. Cooke gave character and history to those who had none, and under his control these characters have blossomed into characters all worthy of their own books. Cooke’s art drives the feel of the story, and he masterfully is able to show the subtle growths of each character as time marches forward in his book. While I had hoped this series would have avoided the specific issue it dealt with, it was a fitting end for my favorite character, and it was amazing to see just how much the loss of a teammate had on the other characters in the book. So if you, or someone you know isn’t reading this story, then correct that mistake now. If you read Watchmen, this story perfectly matches the feel and tone of that book issue by issue. It in no way steps on anything Alan Moore created, only fleshes out what he didn’t touch.

Until the next time, don’t be Mister Silly.



5 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen-Minutemen #4

  1. Hello, Id be interested to know what kind of feedback you get from your post. I made it my cover of the week and it got less hits than normal. Maybe the meaning of the cover was more important to me than its aesthetic appeal. Personally I agree that this book is great and Cooke is so perfect for it. His art fits the time period described and his writing is on point and grasps characters frailties. Its the only title I like out of the Before watchmen group.

    • I haven’t gotten much feedback here, but have revieved numerous direct messages on Tumblr telling me that my followers felt the same about this issue of Minutemen. As a whole, most people I know absolutely love this series, as well as others. To be honest, I have enjoyed all of the Before Watchmen line. Most of them where of much higher quality than anything else produced by any company this summer. Silk Spectre, Ozymandias, and Minutemen certainly stand atop that list, but Doctor Manhattan (the youngest of the bunch) looks poised to join those ranks too.

      • Silk Spectre is great, and I find Jae Lees art a bit too much at times as it is very still, dont get me wrong it looks great but never flows. Ive just stuck to Silk, Minute and waiting for Nite Owl to finish which I also find quite interesting. Ive not ventured to Tumblr, is it worth setting up a separate page?

      • Honestly, it’s more of a pain than it is anything else. Nothing really happens on Tumblr and it takes an extreme amount of time to gather a follwing. And without follwers, no one can see your stuff. I only use it to pedal some blog posts. And even then, it’s hit and miss what they cling too.

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