January Solicits Part 1- Mysteries

Today’s DC’s January Solicits came out. And I predicted 3 of the 4 titles to go. While Newsarama got them all, I was factoring in other things. Unlike them though, one of the cancelled titles fell first on my list.

With G.I Combat ending in December, and Threshold winding out the line at 52 we are left with 4 new holes in the fabric of the New 52. There are going to be 52 titles, DC has confirmed this. With JLA launching in February, this brings the count up only to 49. Leaving two slots open and unaccounted for.

Nothing has been announced out of Snyderman and Multiversity. However both seem poised to launch later in the year. Perhaps as apart of the fifth wave. With Threshold being the next new title, followed by JLA it looks like the 4th wave is two parts. However we don’t know what three of those parts are. Let’s look at two aspects of the line that might give us hints to the future of the New 52.

The Numbers game:
The Batman line holds strong with 13 ongoing, both Batman Incorporated and Talon have been successful, meaning with numbers, another Batman title would be likely. I personally would like to see an Outsiders or Robin title. There are multiple awesome things that could be done with each, and many directions they could go.

The Justice League line currently sits with 10, but JLA could change that to 11 (though I doubt it). The Justice League line is seemingly the best place to launch a new title. Many characters can fit into this umbrella term, and with Trinity War looming, beefing up the line would seem like a good idea. Icon, Captain Marvel, Black Lightning, and Cyborg would be the series’ I’d most like to see.

The Green Lantern line still holds at 4. However with the Third Army event and the eventual downfall of the Guardians a new status quo seems imminent within the Lantern universe. In addition to this with Threshold being set in space paired with another, even bigger GL event looming, additions to this line could be possible too. As we make room for Hal and Sinestro’s return, that could be in the form of their own title. A Sinestro solo series anyone, HELLS YES!

The Superman line also holds with 4 titles, however the H’el on Earth event seems poised to not only make for a good Superman story, but to change the Superman status quo. That paired with the impending Snyderman could help launch another Superman family book. My vote is Steel. Or maybe even a Luthor title, hell you could pair up Len Wein and Jae Lee. I hear they have experience with intelligent bad asses.

With Frankenstein out, the Dark line drops down to 8 titles. However the Dark line may be poised to have the least change, especially since the Third Wave’s Phantom Stranger and Sword of Sorcery are of very high quality. An impending Dark line title could look like Pandora or even the Question. Especially if you go the Trinity War aspect.

The Edge line holds at 6. While Grifter is ending, Threshold is launching to replace it. I believe however, that JLA will launch as apart of the Edge line up. It’s clearly not a team for the heroes hero. With JLD anchoring the Dark line, it would make sense having JLA anchor the Edge line up.

This leaves us with the hardest hit line, Young Justice. The YJ line loses both Blue Beetle and Legion Lost dropping it’s numbers down from 5 to just three. Teen Titans, the Ravagers, and Legion of Super Heroes are all that will survive. YJ could also see a replacement. Every other line has been holding with at least 4 titles. I expect DC to try to bolster these numbers with at least one YJ replacement.

Next, looking at who’s important. So far Shazam seems poised to make a major break through that could push him into the spot light. Black Lightning and Blue Devil are both wrapping up their stints with DCU Presents, which leaves them missing in action come February. It was heavily hinted at SDCC that WildC.A.T’s would make a return. Perhaps this is true.

A Shazam series could be done well if Gary Frank is brough aboard to anchor the art. Johns is leaving Aquaman to make room for JLA, so I doubt he’d be the writer. However Frank currently doesn’t do anything monthly, so the look of the title could at least be the same.

Well, we know that both Liefeld and Lee aren’t going to be working on a WildC.A.T’s team. However, since certain team members have already appeared as agents of N.O.W.H.E.R.E it may be possible that Wild.C.A.T’s would be N.O.W.H.E.R.E’s response team. The Ravagers, but done right in their opinion. A villainous team book akin to Secret Six even. Perhaps even grab Simone? It’d certainly sell like nothing else!

I personally still want to see Milestone characters in the New 52. Static has made no appearances since his cancellation, and it would be refreshing to see him return at the very least.

A Rogues title would also be valid. It’s something that should have existed for a long time. Even though I dislike the New 52 Flash Universe, it sells. Perhaps this is an even better way to cater to that audience.

What are your thoughts? Because honestly I have no clue. I have no grounds to base any solid predictions off of. I’m most comfortable with the WildC.A.T’s guess, but that’s pure conjecture. Am I missing any news? Did I miss any teasers?




5 thoughts on “January Solicits Part 1- Mysteries

    • That is indeed great news! I am glad Johns is staying on Aquaman. I hadn’t paid too much attention because I thought it was a sure thing with him leaving. Glad to see I’m wrong.

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