The Official Fourth Wave?

This was originally going to be a review for Phantom Stranger, but as I got online and sifted through the latest nerdy news, I realized that I couldn’t leave this news alone. It’s much to big not to cover. Reviews for Phantom Stranger and Team 7 will be with you by the end of the day!

All sorts of solicits have popped up for December, most notably the addition of four new annuals. All apparently spinning out in new, and important directions. In addition to this, so many awesome announcements have clouded the fact that there is an established Fourth Wave on its way. Let’s look at the pieces shall we?

G.I. Combat has been cancelled in favor of January’s Justice League America. Though the solicitations are not out yet (they should come any day now), it has to hit in January. While most are anxiously anticipating this team and creative team, it leaves the question. Is the 4th wave split into parts? Let me explain.

Yesterday it was announced that Snyder/Lee were indeed working on a Superman book. Unlike my prediction they are not taking over the Superman title, rather launching a new one. In addition to this it will not be titled Man of Steel, nor will it nor the back up feature’s have anything to do with the film (sigh of relief). While this is by far the greatest thing to happen to Superman since Grant Morrison, it means that the DC line would be at 53. This won’t do. Something has to die.

Next, today it was announced that Green Lantern: New Guardians would spinoff into a new on going cosmic anthology. Featuring the new lantern to be revealed within the issue. The anthology will consist of the main feature dealing with all manner of cosmic characters with the back up feature centering on Larfleeze. This is the man who launched the brilliant Marvel cosmic universe a while back, so I’m excited to have more non-Lantern cosmic characters reach status quo with DC. However, within the interview with Keith Giffen, he let it slip that the LAST ISSUE OF BLUE BEETLE will tie into the new title named Threshold. If you recall, I put Blue Beetle on the extended Chopping Block though kept him out of bottom five believing Legion Lost was more probable. That is obviously not the case.

So then. January gives us Justice League America and the annuals. The New Guardians annual will spinoff into the Threshold series. With Blue Beetle seemingly cancelled, that would peg Threshold’s debut in February. The question then remains, what do we call this? DC is still claiming things will come in calculated waves. If this is the case, is the Fourth Wave a gradual wave akin to what Marvel is doing? Or will the Snyder/Lee Supe’s launch in February as well?

All indicators would point to a fall launch for both Multiversity and Supe’s. Does that mean the Fourth Wave and Fifth Wave are just two titles? Or is it one extended Fourth Wave with unannounced new titles coming to us between then?

Either way I will stay ahead of the game. I will re-evaluate my Chopping Block, and keep my eyes and ears out for any shred of information that could indicate what DC’s master plan is.

Until the next time, the future is bright.



3 thoughts on “The Official Fourth Wave?

  1. OH NO. Kyle is loosing his book? Ever since they disappeared Wally, I’m so paranoid that they are going to kill Kyle off. Five GL’s is quite a bit but then again, he supposed to become a White Lantern so maybe that’s how they’ll get away with it. P.S. I cannot wait for Snyder’s Superman!

    • Kyle is staying put. The events of the New Guardians annual just spill over into the new series. New Guardians will remain the same. I am also really excited for Snyder’s Superman. I was hoping they’d just shift over to the main title for consolidation, but whatever works I guess.

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