Ravingnerd Reviews: Team 7 #1

Since I admitted yesterday that Phantom Stranger was fabulous, I will post that a bit later tonight, instead choosing to focus on the other Third Wave title at the moment. Team 7 was perhaps the weakest of the Third Wave zero issues (not saying much since it pulled a strong 7), but it left it with a bit more ground to prove than some of the others. Before I begin, here’s what I liked:

1. There’s humor. It takes good writers to make a story covertly funny. There are laughs to be had, but all stem from the situation. They all felt natural. Which is honestly pretty rare.
2. We already see the team take point with universe wide issues. Which is surprising to see so early.
3. The art. Merino’s action sequences are well done. They are smooth and easy to follow. Even with such a big team he’s able to make all of them distinct.
4. Speaking of making them distinct, the highlight by far with the issue was the abundance of character development in almost all of the characters.

Rating before reading: 7
Rating after reading: 8

And that may even be a bit too modest. The owner of my home base store questioned why I added this title to my pull list a month before issue zero came out. This is why. Only two issues (or technically one?) in and the title not only distinguishes itself leagues apart from any other “action” comic out there. This title has tons of action. But that isn’t what’s at stake. It’s the characters. And how this very well written and very distinct group of characters went from where they are in this issue to where they are now. Some, like with Cole Cash/Grifter it’s easy to see how he went from there to here. But others like Waller and Dinah are much less clear. The fact that we get to watch these characters become the characters we know drives the story alone. Not to mention Justin Jordan is able to lead this team (as well as all of DC comics) in a major new direction. Subtly referencing the “Black Diamond” and leading all of DC down this road. What will happen is a mystery, but we do know what happens in the pages of this comic will spill over into nearly a dozen other comics by December. If that’s not enough reason to read, then I don’t know what is.

Until the next time, about that hero thing….



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