Ravingnerd Reviews: Phantom Stranger #1

If you were paying attention, you’d know that Team 7 kicked it up a major notch this week. If you missed it, educate yourself. Now that you have seen the review for Phantom Stranger, we are ready to proceed. Let’s start off with what I liked.

1. The guy’s kinda a dick. Not by choice, but by curse. It’s an interesting dynamic.
2. A character that EVERYONE can recognize shows up. She’s young. She’s magic. And up until now, she’d been missing. Won’t spoil it, but if you want to be happy, then read this.
3. Pandora makes a cameo. You know shit’s gonna get real now.
4. The ending was surprising, and makes this character even more tragic. If possible.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating before reading: 9

This title is still just as solid. Easily readable and extremely enjoyable, this title dives head first into the magic portion of DC. Pulling no stops, this comic thrills readers with new characters, familiar foes, and the foundations for one hell of a series.

I hate to have so few things to say, but this title rocks. If you like the arcane of DC, then this title is a must have for your pull list.

Until the next time, I’m a stranger.



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