Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen- Doctor Manhattan #2

Last issue was surprisingly well done, and I was definitely anticipating this next issue. with an enticing cover, and with a top list creative team who wouldn’t be excited? So let’s started off with what I liked.

1. Once again it’s Adam Hughes. His cover is great, and the panels inside are great.
2. JMS’ script is brilliant. The twists and turn it takes are fabulous, different, well done, and bold.
3. We see Ozymandias and Comedian at their best.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 9

The comic was like nothing I’ve ever read. The story was involving and brilliantly done. It makes multiple twists and turns, all of which drive the story further. The story is extremely thrilling as every page turn results in multiple different events and scenarios all ready to play out. I can’t speak to much on the comic without spoiling things, but I will briefly discuss art and script.
Adam Hugh’s art is fantastic. Not only does he draw a mean Doctor Manhattan, but he draws a beautiful Janie. In addition to this the old timey feel to the comic pages themselves enhances the mood and the feel of the comic.
JMS’ script distinguishes itself among the other Before Watchmen by ignoring continuity and going in the exact opposite direction. In doing so, JMS makes an involving story that anyone can get behind. The surprising organization choice is one of the boldest and best executed I’ve seen. Read the comic to understand.

Until the next time, choices.



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