Ravingnerd Reviews: Uncanny Avengers #1

The time is NOW! Marvel NOW! is finally upon us, and we’ll get at least one new issue a week for the foreseeable future. Uncanny Avengers is supposed to be the new status quo team of the Marvel Universe, being the leading member of MN!’s trinity (Hickman’s Avengers, and Bendis’ X-Men make up the other two). In concept, this would work well. The team of Remender, Hickman, and Bendis have enough credibility to write a universe alone, but combined, it they’d be a force to be reckoned with. Well, at least they should have…. Here’s what I did like:

1. When Xavier appears in the flashback sequences, all I hear is Patrick Stewart. Which is a very good thing.
2. We get a teaser for All-New X-Men.
3. Havok is important now.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 5

I have to admit I was anticipating this title, I was worried about its quality would blow me away, and I’d struggle to add it to my pull list. What we got was a comic not worthy of most people’s pull list, and this is for a variety of reasons.

1. Everyone makes a huge deal out of Xavier’s death. While I’m sure in continuity it’s quite traumatic, the reality is he’s been AFK for so long that few readers could really care. I honestly thought he was dead until they killed him off. Also, these are comic books. No one stays dead (Xavier sure didn’t). Especially given the publicity Human Torch got upon his death, and he was back in action not 6 months later. It’s hard for me to believe in a story, that we as readers know will not be worth it in a years time. Though I guess this lends itself to the “NOW” part. Marvel isn’t concerned with later. They are only trying to carry on some sense of momentum AvX got them.

2. It doesn’t end there. Scott’s being blamed as the bad guy on almost all sides, when in reality shouldn’t the Phoenix be to blame? Granted I didn’t read AvX, but I sure as hell followed along. I didn’t get the same reaction to Scott everyone in the Marvel Universe did.

3. Everyone whines. Havok doesn’t want to be leader. Rogue’s being dramatic, and Scarlett Witch is being overzealous. The only people who I can’t find fault with were Cap and Thor, and that might be because they didn’t add any personality to the story whatsoever.

Ultimately Uncanny Avengers starts off to a very rocky start. The ideas are there, and the art is fabulous, but the concept and the execution still need work. This team feels more like Avengers + 1 rather than a mix of both teams. Multiple X-Men have not been Avengers, and they overlooked almost all of them. This sudden interest in Alex Summers was refreshing for a fan such as myself, but very out-of-place within the story. Uncanny Avengers failed to deliver the wow that it needed too to impress me into believing Marvel NOW! was a good idea. This leaves MN! with 3 more chances to sway me. However I have to imagine Marvel’s fleet will have a hard time with its flagship barely managing to float.

Until the next time, the future is NOW!



4 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Reviews: Uncanny Avengers #1

  1. I kinda agree with most of your points. Cyclops is being portrayed as the evil guy who is happy with the sacrifices he made, but he wont be. There is no chance he would ever make the same choices again, i.e. kill Xavier. The cost was too high even for new mutants. Phoenix did take control, that was clearly shown in the AvX story. He needs to show some remorse otherwise he has just become a big Magneto clone, he didnt do that while talking to Alex. I was devastated when Scott lost control as I knew this would be the end for him (hence why I wrote my eulogy to Scott Summers, check it out!) Xavier dying was big for me as a huge X-Men fan but he has been off radar for years so I take your point.

    Scarlett Witch and Rogue had the beginnings of an interesting conversation but that was ruined by bizarre bad guys and odd fighting. Cap and Thor did nothing of interest and surely people will be concerned about Havok given that he is Scotts brother! The only real theme of note worth pursuing is the fact that mutants need to work with Avengers to gain public trust again. That wasn’t well demonstrated by a mutant causing destruction and then killing himself, err what? What was that about? The impossibility of saving a suicide bomber? Maybe thats the parallel they are actually running with.

    Overall the writing was reasonable but difficult, how are you meant to write all these themes with two action sequences in one book! Remender does personal tragedy well and he didnt get the chance to really do this. Cassaday is an absolute legend and Ive always adored his art so that gets a massive plus from me. Tie that in with the return of the Red Skull (who I have loved since Brubaker’s Cap) and Im generally happy and forgive my initial grievances! I was going to review this issue on my blog too aswell so I better find some more points!

    • The emotion and logic behind those emotions was just off for me. Plus I know comics are about suspension of disbelief, but the ending. Really? The ending was poor, and the execution as a whole was poor.

  2. I take your point, as a first issue theyve gone with an all out attack on all fronts and I agree they havent done certain aspects justice. Too much crammed into one issue and it does appear a little more fantasy at the end which isnt in keeping with the rest of the comic and being post AvX. Its a shame

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