Ravingnerd Late Night Special

I have to apologize for the tardiness of this post. Life got ahead of me, and unfortunately life comes before you all (you are in a close second though). I however, having discussed it with multiple of my followers on Twitter, will reveal what my pull list is.

Batman Inc.
Batman and Robin
Earth 2
Green Lantern
Justice League
Justice League Dark
Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom
Wonder Woman
Worlds Finest

I will also be reading Daredevil: End of Days, Justice League of America, and Hulk once they come out (I know that DD is already out). I am waiting until the official first issues of the Third Wave titles come out, but currently all 4 warrant a spot on my list.

Finally, I have read Blackhawks and Resurrection Man from start to finish.

In addition to this, I also read and dropped Grifter, Superman, and Nightwing. Dropped Grifter after issue 8 (due to Liefeld), Superman at issue 9 (because, well you know) and Nightwing at issue 0 (because, read this, that’s why).

What’s on your list? Anything I should pick up? Let me know!

Until the next time, I like to make lists.



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About ravingnerd

I am Ravingnerd. I have returned to this blog after an extensive absences. I lost the passion for quite some time. However recently got the urge to start this back up. Join me as I discuss, Comics, Star Trek, Civilization, and much more!

11 thoughts on “Ravingnerd Late Night Special

  1. Current pull list is as follows. It keeps evolving bit by bit, but as of right now it is:

    Batman And Robin
    Earth Two
    Green Lantern
    Justice League
    Red Hood And The Outlaws
    Cyber Force (first five issues are free!)
    Saga (personal favorite)
    Amazing Spider-Man / Annual #39
    Scarlet Spider
    X-O Manowar

      • I really don’t mind it being twice a month actually. It’s the only one on my list that is, and with comics being shipped out to me (how dare the Afghans not have a comic book store!) I know that my twice a month package will always have one common comic every package.

        As far what to replace it with, I’m not sure yet. I’d like another Spider title, but don’t know what to go with. I looked at Gambit for a couple issues too, but I wasn’t really digging it. Next new title to try on my list is Minimum Carnage, although my hopes aren’t too high as I’ve never been much of a symbiote fan. But we will see.

      • Plus, there is always the chance that this is a way for Marvel to “relaunch” spidey in January or February. So my searching may be for nought.

      • It was announced yesterday that Dan Slott would be writing a title nicknamed “Superior” in the Marvel teasers. I guess we’ll get “Superior Spider-Man”.

  2. Red Hood And The Outlaws
    Green Lantern
    Red Lanterns
    Green Lantern corps
    Teen Titans
    Green Arrow
    The Savage Hawkman
    Phantom Stranger
    Justice League Dark

    • How is Ravagers, it was the one Second Wave comic I missed just because I thought I wouldn’t get it. Also, thoughts on Green Arrow? I have yet to hear anything positive about it.

      • Ravagers isn’t that bad over all so far I’d give it a 6.4 while Green Arrow 13# that i just picked up was pretty good i cant wait for the hawk man crossover. Also oliver queen has always been a personal favourite of mine

      • This relaunch has just killed his personality in my opinion. It eliminates everything that made him enjoyable as a character. At least in my mind.

  3. Currently on my list (and brief thought on each):
    Batman (Snyder and Capullo set a new gold standard)
    Batgirl (so ridiculously well written)
    Batwoman (very unique and I love Kate Kane)
    Nightwing (the Robin I grew up with, don’t give up on him yet RN)
    Red Hood (incredibly fun, love Roy, Jason is being redeemed)
    Aquaman (GJ made him a complete badass, hope new team can live up to it)
    Justice League (duh)
    Scarlet Spider (“all of the power, none of the responsibility” – and feels more DC than Marvel)
    Winter Soldier (has a Jason Bourne feel to it, hopefully it can stay strong)

    I also briefly read Savage Hawkman (first 4 or 5 issues, then it got dumb). I’m going to keep an eye on it once the new writing team takes over, as I feel that character has so much potential in the department of badassery. At the very least I’ll get to follow him in the new JLA, but it would be nice if his solo title lived up to its potential.

    Other titles I’ve checked in on include: Wonder Woman, Teen Titans (I really have no issue with Tim’s revised history, sorry) and Green Lantern (really digging Simon).

    On my radar:
    Justice League of America (extremely excited about this one, could/should be so awesome)
    Team 7
    new Thor

    I’ll keep my eye on some of the Marvel Now stuff, but I can’t say I’m all that excited about any of it. Like Hawkman, Thor has so much potential that I will give it a go, but beyond that I don’t really have any expectations.

    • I too really like Simon so far. And eventually I will get over Tim, and when that happens, I’ll probably jump right back on board with the title. Especially with Death of the Family coming. And I am insanely excited about Justice League of America. I heard a rumor it was supposed to be in the Edge line up, it’s that kind of series.

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