What I want from Marvel NOW!

Marvel NOW! Has been solicited up through December, with the first teaser for January out today. This not-a-reboot is due to finish releasing new series’ come February, which means there are still un-announced titles out there. While MN! has offered very little that I really want to read, it doesn’t mean that what I would want to read isn’t coming.

So this is my wish list for the un-announced Marvel NOW! titles.
1. No more twice monthly titles. I can’t afford to read titles that ship twice a month. Especially if so many of those titles are 3.99. I wouldn’t read Batman if it went twice a month, which means it would have to be the greatest comic ever for me to follow it and plan on budgeting it. And, c’mon, this is Marvel. It won’t be the best comic ever.

2. As far as I have read the Ant-Man in FF isn’t Hank Pym, it’s someone else. Where then is Hank Pym. He’s one of my favorite Marvel characters, and we haven’t seen him in any of the MN! solicits. The last place he appeared was Avengers Academy, which as we know is quickly moving towards its end.

3. Everything offered so far has been cookie cutter original. It’s all the same old stuff just rewrapped and put under the tree. That’s not at all what I want. I want Marvel to be bold and daring. Give me something bold, innovative, and new that I could get behind. Feature characters that are less important, do things you wouldn’t normally do. Do something NEW. MN! so far isn’t doing that. It’s just shuffling around characters and the creators behind them.

4. Get some new blood into the mix. So yes, Bendis, Hickman, Fraction, Remender and others will continue to produce titles for Marvel. But when you look at it, MN! is only moving around people already firmly established in the Marvel stable. They aren’t attempting to get creators from across the pond, and have very little new blood on their titles. Most everyone on MN! has worked with the Marvel Universe, many of whom have previously worked on the characters they are now returning too.

5. One of the most disappointing things with Marvel NOW! is that it is merely a brand reorganization. Everything is staying the same. Same universe, same characters, nothing’s changing. No one’s coming back to life, everyone’s still there. Not only that, there are still the multitude of Avengers team’s there were before (now more than ever). This means that these teams and characters that I have not been following aren’t really changing. Making it hard for people like myself to get on board because we are confused by the current state of the Marvel Universe, and we are bound to be confused by the Marvel NOW! Universe because it is the exact same. So while I’d want to read some titles, many of them seem redundant. I still couldn’t tell you the difference between the New, Secret, or Mighty Avengers. And it’s been confirmed that we have more Avengers titles coming to us in January/February.

So this is my wish list for Marvel NOW! I’m hoping that someone somewhere will see my list and attempt to incorporate these things into MN! I’m someone who wants a reason to read Marvel, but only ends up further away.

Until the next time, its new comic day!



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