A Multi-Verse of Possibilities

It was not my intention to remain silent today. I podcasted, schooled, had fun, and spent some quality time with Saint Aquinas. So this post will be as brief as I can make it.

Multiversity is finally coming, though I told you already. You either forgot, or didn’t believe me. Another score for me.

Grant Morrison has been confirmed to be doing the multi-verse spanning mini series which will see him visit multiple Earth’s as we see how life goes in those worlds. He will change artists from world to world it seems, but it appears that he and long time collaborator Frank Quietly will tackle Earth 4. The Earth dedicated to Charleston characters. There we will see Ted Kord in action as the Blue Beetle, and see the original version of the question.

While Morrison is done with monthly¬†titles at DC, he didn’t say anything about limited runs. I feel this is where Morrison works best, and his history would seem to indicate that. This also means that we could see him do a second take of the Multi-verse. Maybe travel to a different set of worlds in a follow-up mini series. Have Morrison design the entire Multi-Verse (again). This wouldn’t be a terrible thing in my mind.

Earth 4 is the perfect start for DC and for fans. Where Morrison goes after that will only be second best in my mind. Is there any parallel earth you are dying to see?

Until the next time, Grant Morrison rocks.


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