Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen-Ozymandias #3

At some point every series has to lose its mojo. The bigger they are the harder they fall applies to comic books as well. Given the immense quality of the previous two books (the first was even perfect) I wondered if Ozymandias would continue to produce at such a quality, especially since it runs 6 issues. This is what I liked about the comic.

1. Jae Lee still is on top of the ball. Every page is beautifully done, and this comic features one of the best drawn fight scenes I’ve ever seen.
2. This comic features one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever read in a comic book.
3. The events of this comic drive Ozymandias to do everything he ever did. Up until this point he was just being a rich, awesome, ass-hole. After the events of this issue, Ozymandias gets a clear purpose.
4. Len Wein is writing gold with this character. His edge hasn’t slipped a bit since the first issue.
5. We get to see multiple familiar faces within this comic. All welcome, and all shedding light on the history of these characters before the events of Watchmen.

Rating before reading: 9
Rating after reading: 10

It’s hard to make a comic book about a fight. It’s hard for that fight to be gripping on the pages of a comic. This comic blew my perceptions of what a fight could be. The fight was not only beautifully drawn, but masterfully scripted. It was also perhaps one of the most important moments in the entire “Before Watchmen” history. If Before Watchmen is supposed to show us how Watchmen happened. Then this fight has to rank up there on causes. But it doesn’t stop there. Another high-ranking cause presents itself within the latter half of the comic book. Brilliantly drawn, masterfully written, and expertly well laid out. The Ozymandias we know was born on these pages. This comic should be considered the two single most defining moments in his life. If you aren’t reading Before Watchmen, you should give it a try. While I can recommend you other powerful series’ in this line, Ozymandias has to be not only the best, but my personal favorite.

Until the next time, look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.



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