Ravingnerd Reviews: Talon #0

While today has been an…. interesting day for comic books (Teen Titans REALLY changed Tim more than anyone had expected). I’m still trying to grasp at exactly what I think about that. Elsewhere in the DCU, the Talon premiered today. Honestly I was not super thrilled about this title. It just felt like a uneeded extension of last years epic Court of Owls plot line. So this is what I liked about it.

1. Calvin’s skill set is mostly defensive. Not offensive.
2. Calvin has hang-ups about killing. This really eliminates his status as “anti-hero” which in my mind is a great thing.
3. It has nothing to do with Batman. He’s not mentioned in the comic, nor does he show up at all in any of the solicits for DC’s foreseeable future.
4. Guillam March’s art sets the mood for the entire comic. I have always been a fan of his art, and this was no exception.

Rating before reading: 6
Rating after reading: 7

It was a solid comic. Solid enough that I’ll have to check out issue #1, if not a continuous follow. So far the only problem I’ve had with DC’s Third Wave is the over all quality. All of these titles rock. Even Team 7, which was all about set up, was well done. Talon promises to not be the journey of an anti-hero, but of a man with a miserable life, who has been forced to do miserable things. So, though I didn’t want to say it. Talon is spot off and a solid addition to the Bat-line.

Until the next time, you never escape the Court.



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