My Favorite Marvel Heroes

Today while I was reading some free Marvel comics on Comixology (I was surprised how many there were). I began thinking about who my favorite Marvel characters were. As you all know, I’m not a big fan of Marvel. I’m just not. I don’t relate with the characters like I do DC’s. Nor do I really like their story telling initiative as well. That does not prevent me from enjoying their characters. So while the amount of Marvel characters I can’t stand outnumber the Marvel characters I can 5-1, there are some fantastic gems of characters somewhere in the mix.

5. Doctor Strange- One of the few things that I love about DC is that the cosmic forces of the universe are magic themed. Doctor Strange is the premier magician of the Marvel Universe. I always enjoy stories that he appears in. He provides a balance to the über science of the Marvel universe. He’s witty, intelligent, slightly crazy, and as a whole a powerful and awesome character. One of the reasons why I have stayed familiar with the current runs of the Defenders.

4. Hank Pym- He’s crazy intelligent, and can be rather abusive to the ones he cares about. In addition to that he’s gone through more names and costumes than characters that have double the history. Despite all of these flaws and quirks Hank is one of the smartest and best meaning character in Marvel comics. Though for anyone who knows me, you know my favorite characters are always the hyper intelligent ones.

3. Cyclops- Always the stalwart leader of the X-Men being one of the most important members of the X-Men community. Of course he went bat-shit crazy during AvX, but that doesn’t taint the character himself. He has been broken and beaten by the world he has dedicated to helping. Despite all of this he uses his somewhat limited skill set to brilliant use, making quick work of his leadership abilities, playing to his allies strengths and sleeping with the nearest telepath in sight.

2. Ultimate Iron-Man- No not the main stream Iron Man. After Civil War, Tony became an absolute douche and a character that became just to rough to swallow. Ultimate Iron Man is able to balance out his douche-iness and provide a fun, enjoyable, and threatening character to hide a bit of his snark. In addition to this, he provided us with Robert Downey Jr’s brilliant turn as the live action Iron Man. That deserves him to get on any list.

1. Daredevil- He’s Catholic Batman. Or blind Batman. Or something. What I mean, and what everyone can recognize is that Daredevil is a unique character. His powers are unique and powerful at the same time. His stories are always involving, often dark, and generally inspiring. Matt makes do with his blindness, his awkward power set, and a LOT of personal tragedy. The statement “his parents are dead” puts it lightly. Daredevil is one of Marvel’s greatest creations. He is powerful, and bold, but above all else, uniquely human.

Well those are my favorites. What are your thoughts? Who are some of your favorites?

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Marvel Heroes

  1. Marvel does a way better job at hooking up the free comics on their app. Thanks for the previews DC! Ultimate Iron Man is way better than 616 Iron Man because Ultimate still drinks! Great article though! I do enjoy a Marvel book…from time to time.

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