Divided We Fall- The Conclusion and Post Event

As a warning: Major to Minor spoilers abound here: Spoiler Rating-Major.

Most of you probably know how this story ends. The world is still in chaos, with Texas folded back into the Union, Cap sets his sights on the West Coast Nation. While frustrated with the acts of murder and genocide being committed at the border to the newly founded country, the President urges Cap to stand down. Cap is, well Cap, and he leads the Ultimates to save the people who have fallen under attack.

It’s revealed that our Dual- Eyed Man has been playing all sides, as he leaves the West Coast Nation in peril just before the Ultimates arrive. It is revealed that Hydra has taken control of many of the northern central states. Our villain arrives there and promises to lead Hydra to victory over the shattered United States.

Now comes the bit you all know, the Ultimates actions in the West Coast Nation fall on election day, the media does nothing but show coverage of Captain America saving people. The overwhelming response of Ultimate American’s is to write Cap down as their candidate.

While most of this comic feels bizarre, even for comic books. It promises to take readers in a bold new direction, relatively unexplored in modern-day comics. So while this comic is painful to read at times, it promises to lead the Ultimate universe in an interesting and unexplored direction.

Divided We Fall was….. difficult to read. While only three comics exist in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, none of these titles really tied succinctly into a single story. While they attempted to focus on just how bad the country is, it would be nearly impossible to tell that all three stories were taking place at the same time. When I read a comic that has the same title, I expect that they will all have some level of connectivity. These comics did nothing but exist in the same country, which is not what I’d call a crossover.

More over, none of the comics detracted from their stories. Spider-Man didn’t get thrown into this unexpected crisis, nope this was the way the story was supposed to go. Which is both good and bad. What this means, is that none of the titles will have anything to do with each other during United We Stand either, thus the attraction to reading it has dwindled substantially. At this point I am unsure if I will continue providing you coverage of United We Stand.

At the end of the day, Divided We Fall, as an event earned a 5.

While the Ultimates was an enjoyable read, I felt I spent too much time and money on the stories of Spider-Man and X-Men. Especially since they didn’t really add to what is considered the “main plot” of the event.

Until the next time, vote Cap.



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