Ravingnerd Reviews: Sword of Sorcery #0

As most of you know, I was not super thrilled that this comic was launching as a part of the main stream DC. Whenever I hear Amethyst I automatically assumed 80’s camp. It was the title I was looking forward to least of the Third Wave, but as the months moved closer to today I began to feel excited for this title. I believed that this title could actually grow into a series I’d want to read and follow. I had hopes that this series could become another fabulous hit for DC and help to establish the Dark line of comics as important as the JL line. This is what I liked.

1. The coloring and art were beautiful. While I believe the writing generally makes a story, this comic had fabulous art.
2. I instantly liked Amethyst. She proves herself to be kick ass, even when she doesn’t quite know what exactly is going on.
3. The story not only began what promises to be an epic journey, but also connected it with a certain high-profile member of one of the Justice League’s. Connecting a title as seemingly bizarre as this with the very core of the DCU was brilliantly done.
4. The back up story was awesome. It was post apocalyptic Beowulf. Pretty fabulous.

Rating before reading: A tentative 6
Rating after reading: 9

This comic has proven to be the best of the Third Wave thus far. While I rated Phantom Stranger high, this comic would fall more as a 9.5 if I broke up the ratings with decimal points (I don’t). This comic had a clear edge over Phantom Stranger, and made me want to jump right into the title. The title made me want to keep reading it, and I am seriously considering reorganizing my pull list to add this comic into it. I will grab the official first issue of the comic to ensure that the quality translates over, but this issue was as solid as a comic could be. All doubts and disbelief have been shattered and replaced with an urgent desire for more. I can do nothing but say bravo DC, bravo.

Until the next time, buy this comic.



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