Ravingnerd Reviews: Before Watchmen- Nite-Owl #3

I was not looking forward to this issue. This series has been sub par so far, and has been difficult to read. It has been disappointing, and has seemed nearly plot less. I went into this issue without much enthusiasm and with the mentality of “let’s get this over with”. This is what I liked about the issue.

1. Something was different. There seemed to be a clear direction. Rather than have both Nite-Owl and Rorschach together we see both of them separate doing seemingly separate things.
2. After reading Rorschach #1, I have to admit that JMS’ is proving to have much more character than that presented by Azzarello. While I enjoyed Rorschach #1, the better portrayal of Rorschach has definitely been in this comic. Something we didn’t know the past few issues as Rorschach hadn’t been released.
3. This comic features humor, mystery, drama, and a splash of horror blending multiple feelings and emotions to make a very pleasing story.
4. Dan actually had personality. He talked, joked, and felt like he was a real person. It was so great to see him take the stage of his comic.

Rating before reading: 5
Rating after reading: 8

This comic surpassed my expectations, and the quality was overwhelming when compared to the previous two issues. The events that unfolded in #1 and #2 have been blended into a cohesive story, with a twist ending that would surprise most. The story was perfectly executed and defied all criticism the book has gained thus far. This comic is the Nite-Owl that we wanted to see, and features the character building that made JMS a common name among the nerdy world.

Until the next time, the end is nigh.



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