I was….. Wrong?

Hello all. I come bearing sad tidings. I was wrong. I was blinded by my own hubris, and the single title cancelled in DC’s line up was not on my Chopping Block.

I will take full credit for my mistake. I didn’t expect DC to slash a title that launched just recently. I had expected them to try to change-up the anthology title, but DC made the smart move (though I didn’t see it coming) in cutting it. At the end of the day, though there were many possibilities none of them could change the fact that G.I. Combat was just a soldier comic, and, soldier comics don’t sell well. Bottom line. Factoring in #0, the title has 8 issues (the same as those it came in to replace). I’m sad to see the loss of Unknown Soldier, but it will be leaving for a much greater title. The Justice League of America. Once again, I apologize for my miscalculation.

In other news, the podcast has been recorded and is currently being edited. You should be able to enjoy the second issue of Ravingnerd Presents! by this time tomorrow. So stay tuned to the nerd for that, and much more!

Until the next time,



5 thoughts on “I was….. Wrong?

      • Well, I think they felt there was a market for War Comics which wasn’t served by the format of Men Of War or Blackhawks; they must have wanted to give the genre a fair shake a get a bit more of the IP back into the general comic consciousness.

        Of course, I subscribed to both Men Of War and G.I. Combat, so there was an audience – just a small one.

      • And I read Blackhawks until the end. I rather enjoyed the title. Personally, I enjoy comics of all genres if they are well done. And both Men of War and G.I. Combat were well done. Especially the Unknown Soldier.

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